Re-Nuble: Crowdfunding Local Solutions for Food Waste and Energy Problems

Re-Nuble, a social enterprise is crowdfunding a campaign

to develop  local, community basedrecycling facilities. These facilities have a three-fold advantage- they help divert organic waste from landfills, convert it into compost and fertilizer for sustainable farming and generate renewable energy for communities. It is dedicated to redefining how the world generates energy, cultivates food, and manages the waste it produces. Are you in?

As a society we are inherently wasteful and unsustainable. We destroy precious ecosystems for fuel and energy needs. Fossil fuels are in turn used to manufacture synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that worsen intensive agricultural practices and harm soil and water resources.  The food produced is unhealthy and moreover nearly a third of it is wasted. Wasted food ends up in landfills producing methane, contributing to global warming. Unfortunately, this completes the circle of un-sustainability.

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