Top 9 Advantages of Investment Crowdfunding

Rock The Post1. Streamlined fundraising process

Typically, the offline fundraising process can be long, frustrating, and oftentimes fruitless. The traditional fundraising path typically goes like this:

Comb through your network to find appropriate investors you are connected to, introduce yourself or get a warm introduction from mutual friends or lawyers, send over your executive summary for consideration, schedule a phone call with investor (if you peaked their interest), submit your business plan (pitch), wait for investor consideration, continue the dialogue, investor due diligence, and finally, receive an investment.

Now compare that lengthy ordeal with this simplified online process:

Submit online application, platform conducts vetting/due diligence work, acceptance to platform, create your online profile, launch your online investment campaign, review all interested investors and choose the best fit, and then receive your funds!

The online process allows a company to have all of their documents and information in one place, so it’s a one-stop shop for interested investors. Not only is the process of accessing investors simpler, but also with the built-in outreach tools (at least on RockThePost– The company I co-founded)  you don’t have to do the roadshow alone.

2. Access to larger network of investors

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