[NSFW] Disgruntled Crowdfunder Gives Crowd A Piece Of His Mind On Indiegogo Campaign Page

It appears that after a failed Indiegogo campaign, project creator Brian Richard has done some creative editing to his campaign as a way of “thanking” those who didn’t contribute to his project. (Explicit language follows… you’ve been warned)

I thought I had a great idea here.

Really thought I knew who I could count on to help make this happen.

Spent hours, days, weeks pulling this together.   Had multiple donations lined up,  had a few “big names” on board to give me some cred…

…pull the trigger and nothing.    “oh you were SERIOUS?  LOL I’m not spending money on toys,  get a real job.”    “So what you’re going to pirate Legos?” (this after explaining it multiple times and ways!)   “oh that,  yeah I can’t afford to donate,  I have a life you know.”

Folks… seriously.   You can donate enough money to a sick pupy to ensure that it’s owners can buy a new fucking house but you can’t donate a buck here.

Indiegogo is a joke.   Crowdfunding is a fucking joke.   This entire venture was one catastrophic waste of time.

Spent hours blogging,  no one read the links.   I can prove that with the metrics.   Not a single fucking click,  yet dozens of lies “Oh yeah I read your blog keep up the good work.”  mmmHHm.

Sent out hundreds of tweets,  no one responded..  In fact most people just blocked me.  Including my own fucking friends.

This has been one gigantic mindrape and I am never ever putting myself through this again.

Never again.

Fuck you.

Fuck you all.

The campaign was originally for 3d-printer-friendly building blocks, but after garnering little to no interest it seems Mr. Richard is a tad disenchanted with crowdfunding as a whole… to say the least.

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