Kristen Bell as Veronica MarsA fool and his money are soon parted, especially when it’s a lot of fools and a lot of money. I wrote about the Veronica Mars kickstarter a while back with a pretty positive tone – I was a fan of the show and thought it would be cool to see a movie. But it also opened up some doors to some pretty sleazy stuff, and now that’s getting under way.

We’ve seen the dark side of crowdfunding a number of times – several high-profile projects raised a ton of money and never delivered on their promises, and then we have stuff like The Canyons, where $159,000 went towards making a reviled, unwatchable movie with Lindsay Lohan and a porn star. But, like with everything, Hollywood smells money, and the parasites are starting to come out.

Deadline has a little blurb today that a California company has launched a subsidiary specifically for filmmakers looking to fund their next movies through the cloud.

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