Adam Carolla Film Crowdfunding Hits $1 Million Goal

Adam Carolla Road HardCrowfunding on FundAnything Platform Carolla Surpasses $1 Million Target with 15 Days Left in Campaign

Actor, comedian and podcasting aficianado Adam Carolla’s crowdfunding  campaign for his new movie “Road Hard” has surpassed the $1 million goal initially set for his fundraising effort on FundAnything.   Launched on July 2nd the campaign still has 15 days left to to continue raising funds.  Over 10,000 contributions were recording for the film crowdfunding project.

“Reaching $1 million dollars is amazing! I’m blown away by the response from my fans who have proven that you don’t need Hollywood to make a great movie,” said Carolla. “I really wanted to prove this can be done outside of the system. We’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams with the help of the folks at”

Carolla will write, direct and star in Road Hard, an independent film about the journey of a former standup-turned-sitcom-star who, after the cancellation of his show and a divorce, is forced to go back on the road and perform at the dumpy clubs he played on the way up. The film is being co-written and co-directed with Kevin Hench (The Hammer).

“We are very proud that Adam Carolla achieved this record-breaking success on Bill,” said Bill Zanker, the site’s co-founder and CEO. “We only launched three months ago, and are the fastest growing crowdfunding site. But of course, we have Donald Trump as our backer.”

Carolla chose the FundAnything site over others when he learned that his friend and former Celebrity Apprentice “boss” Donald Trump had launched the crowdfunding site with business partner Bill Zanker.

In an update to supporters and fans Carolla expressed his gratitude as well as hope that his film had Oscar potential:

Hello my Million Dollar Minions!

You did it before.  And now, you just did it again!

A couple years back I asked you to help me take the Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Adam CarollaPodcast from that slimey limey Ricky Gervais.  And you patriots came through.  We captured that title for the good old U.S. of A.

This year I asked you help me raise a million bucks to make my next independent film, Road Hard.  I asked for your support on July 3rd. There’s some nice symbolism there.  On the eve of our Independence Day I asked you to help me fund my independent movie, free from the shackles of the studio system.

Well you guys have come through in a big way.  We’re officially going to get it on and make Road Hard. In fact, we cracked the million dollar mark in less than a month so now we have a nice new record to flaunt, like our previous Guinness victory.

Make no mistake about it, you’ve kicked some major ass and there’s a couple reasons this is so important:

1) Having this record is going to create a nice buzz around the project so that when it’s complete it will get the recognition it deserves. My last movie, The Hammer, got some critical acclaim and the fans loved it but it didn’t really get out there because it was hampered by the traditional studio distribution bullshit.

2) But more importantly, getting this funding in record time is a nice slap in the face to Hollywood and the old system.  It’s a great way to say that you, the fans, are in charge now and the rules of the game have changed.

You Got It On! You Sent a Million Dollar Message!


P.S. This isn’t the finish line, it’s a starter’s pistol (insert self satisfied SNIIIFFFF).  We’ve still got to make the movie that you all want to see. And we can make it a really, really great movie if you keep spreading the word and kicking in.  The rewards that are still available are still available and the more money we raise the more money we can put into the project.

You want this bitch to win an Oscar?  Keep on spreading the word.


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