Crowdfunding Mailbox: Sensor Film Kit, Supah Stah Chocolate Bar, Hello Sweet Potato and Live Longer

crowdfundinsidermailboxCrowdfunding mailbox is coming to you from Zion, Utah this week.  (Shout out to Deep Creek Coffee for the WiFi).  Earlier this week Crowdfund Insider was in Las Vegas, Nevada where site Director Charles Luzar spoke on several different panels at a very well attended event.  Crowdfunding leaders from around the world participated in a very dynamic and informational Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp.

Now back to crowdfunding offerings.  Every week we receive a very diverse group of offerings.  Of course we would like to cover them all but time is always a factor.  If you want to see your crowdfunding offering in Mailbox please note that if your campaign has already raised 20% of goal (30% is better) you stand a much better chance.  This is certainly not a rule but seeing that amount already committed suggests to us that you have already engaged your network to support your project.  If you want to share your campaign prior to launch that is fine – we do try and circle back after the campaign has gone live.


Since the beginning of time people have searched for the secret to perpetual youthfulness. From the Fountain of Youth to plastic surgery onto medications which claim to slow the aging process.  Delaying the aging process is big business.  Coming from Kiev, Ukraine  we have a crowdfunding campaign which claims to have found a compound of “non-genetic interventions” known to make you live longer.  I am interested, what about you?

First I need to note this next campaign just closed and has successfully hit their goal.  But since I think the creator addresses such I compelling need I had to include it in today’s Mailbox.

Hello Sweet Potato is a kids game – but not just any kids game.  This project from Barbara Movius in Cambridge, Massachusetts wants to teach kids about health eating.  Don’t get me started but I am a believer.  Can you create a similar game for adults?  You can start by sending it to all of the School Boards around the country… they probably need it even more than the kids…

Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Bar.  Say that three times fast.  Anytime you combine Chocolate and Healthy you should be guaranteed a success.  Erika Wright in California has created a chocolate bar  which includes a bunch of super foods which will probably make you do everything better all of the time.  And she is crowdfunding her product on Indiegogo now.

What exactly is a Sensor Film Kit? Well I think Dr. Andrew Clark, PhD can explain this much better than I can (the video really helps). Educated at Clemson University, he did research in the department of Bioengineering where he conducted research in tribology of artificial joint plastics.  During this research he discovered methods to use existing polymer components which have the ability to measure forces applied to their surface.  Please read his description below and just assume that someday Apple will acquire his technology.


This Mouse Will Help You to Live Longer

I am a little mouse and I want to live longer! – Indiegogo


Life is precious. Health too. This is why communities of researchers and citizens dedicate our lives to discover new ways to gain additional years of healthy life.

As research progresses, more and more compounds are believed to be good to maintain health over long periods of time. But wouldn’t that take decades of clinical trials to verify it? A key step is to do such a clinical trial… in mice : that is what we call a mouse lifespan test. Mouse lifespan tests are infrequent because of their length, their costs and the required environments; but it is crucially needed to continue adding years of healthy life.

Here, we step on the shoulders of giants : by contributing you can help us test a combination of drugs shown to extend healthy lifespan in mice. The largest life extension in mice so far resulted from a similar effort, where one mouse lived very close to 5 years (mice usually live 2-3 years)! The result should be key to to optimally search for additional years of healthy life.


This experiment has something unique. It is the first time in the world that crowdfunding is used to test a combination of the most potent nongenetic-interventions known to extend the lifespan.

The results will help in the search for life prolonging treatments for both animals and humans. Analogous experiments have hardly been done in mammals and have usually been done only for the immediate short-term effects, without checking the effects on the animal’s entire lifespan. For these reasons in many cases you never know for sure whether the drugs you take shorten your lifespan or make you live longer and healthier.

Whether the treated animals will live healthier and longer is not obvious. In drug testing experiments, combinations of treatments sometimes work together in synergy, but sometimes are detrimental. So, in spite of our carefully chosen choice of drugs to combine, there is a risk that the combination may be detrimental to the lifespan. But that will be worth knowing too, as that will give a warning sign for people. In either case, the results will be valuable for the development of health science.

The results will be published in a peer-reviewed open access journal (gold and green route).

Hello Sweet Potato Yummy Pizza

Hello Sweet Potato by Barbara Movius – Kickstarter

HELLO SWEET POTATO™—A fun way to teach kids about healthy eating.

Hello Sweet Potato™ activity kits help kids become familiar with a range of healthy and interesting foods in a fun, engaging way. Each kit includes a brightly colored and beautifully designed deck of cards based on a classic card game, a mat for pretend play, and an original story in which a little girl has an adventure with food.

My name is Barbara Movius and I created Hello Sweet Potato™ because I wanted to help parents and schools meet the challenge of getting kids to eat healthier.

Hello Sweet Potato™ will change the way kids think about food, inspiring them to try new things, while making it easier for parents and educators to integrate healthy choices into kids’ diets from an early age.

Each Hello Sweet Potato™ kit includes: 

• One of four card games. Each game is a modern, food-related twist on a classic card game.

Supah Star Super Food

Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bar – Indiegogo

SupahStah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars are made from the best tasting, most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet.  Help me get them into a store near you!

  • I’m Erika Wright, founder & CEO of SupahStah.  I was born in Boston and moved to California in 1994.  I’m a wife, musician, performer, teacher and entrepreneur who has been working in the food/beverage industry for 15 years and the healing arts field for 13 years.  I have a really busy life and I only want to eat food that tastes amazing and helps my brain and body perform really well.  I created SupahStah bars for myself after years research and trying every practice of eating out there including raw, vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc.  Unlike many of the healthy chocolates and power bars I’ve tried, I WANT to eat SupahStah bars because they taste AMAZING and they are GREAT for me.  It turns out that everyone else wants to eat them too!  I need your help to make them available everywhere!
  • My ultimate goal is to be the happiest human being that has ever lived…and live a really long time with my husband and family of exquisite human beings on this beloved and beautiful planet.
  • I’m asking for your support to help me produce and distribute my SupahStah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars to everyone in the world that wants to be happy and live a really long, great life.
  • 100% of your financial contributions will go to the production and distribution of my bars.

Sensor Film Kit

Sensor Film Kit – Custom Force Sensors and Switches – Kickstarter

Force sensitive film that can be easily cut into any shape to be used as a sensor or switch for Arduino and other electronic projects.


The Sensor Film Kit consists of a smart plastic film that can be cut to any shape to make force-sensitive switches and sensors. The black plastic sensor film is an ultra-durable material that changes its electrical resistance when force is applied to it.  The Sensor Film Kit contains everything needed to be able to quickly and easily make custom-shaped force-sensitive sensors and switches for Arduino based projects.

The Kit Idea:

After many years of marketing and manufacturing custom-shaped and calibrated sensor films, one thing stands out about this technology: how easily and quickly a custom size and shape sensor can be put together.  In recognizing the maker movement and how many people out there are commonly using Arduino and other microcontrollers in their projects and hobbies, I wanted to put together an affordable kit with the materials and instructions enabling people to create their own force sensors and switches and experience just how easily it can be done.



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