On Indiegogo: xNT, An Implantable NFC Chip That Spells The Future Of Cyborg Body Mods

Imagine waving your hand over a certain spot on your car to unlock it, or high fiving a smartphone to share contact details. Sound ridiculous?

It’s actually said to be possible now with an implantable NFC chip called the xNT, which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The fixed funding campaign is already fully-funded with over 37 days left to go.

The device actually comes with a delivery system that is sterilized in ethylene oxide gas and can be installed by “your local body piercer, body modification professional, nurse practitioner, veterinarian, or doctor.” An installation guide accompanies the system to guide the installer of the backer’s choosing.

Seattle-based project creator Dangerous Things also provides a map of accredited partners that they have teamed with to provide backers with safe methods of implanting the device. It involves puncturing the skin and placing the device between the thumb and forefinger of either hand or both hands.

Amal Graafstra of Dangerous Things recently spoke on the subject of biohacking and his specific biohacking implementation at TEDxSFU (Embedded below). He speaks on the subject of “Grinders,” biohackers that experiment with tech-powered body modifications. The talk also outlines his experience with the device, including some of the innovative applications he has created and a summary of his experience with the device dating back almost ten years and four prototypes.

Over 150 people have already pledged the funds necessary to receive a kit, and it will be interesting to see how they apply this emergent technology in their own projects.

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