Vladimir Putin Kickstarter Campaign for New Cold War (Video)

Jimmy Fallon as Putin ShirtlessHere is some awesome Friday crowdfunding humor from comedian Jimmy Fallon.  During the tense times created by the upheaval in the Ukraine, with ongoing reports stating Russia is going to invade the country – and then reports they will not, Fallon has created a brief skit about Vladimir Putin launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new cold war.

Impersonating the strong arm Russian leader, Fallon states;

“I’m here to talk to you about raising American dollars for new passion project of mine — it is new Cold War”

“…a $1,000 donation would get contributors 10 whole minutes of personal time with him to do anything they desired. “The possibilities are endless,” Fallon-as-Putin crowed before suggesting his favorite activities: “We could ride horse, fight bear. That is all.”

Fallon New Cold War as PutinOne can only hope that Fallon’s impersonation makes it all the way to our friends at the Kremlin.  очень хорошо, на самом деле очень хорошо.



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