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Vladimir Putin Kickstarter Campaign for New Cold War (Video)

Here is some awesome Friday crowdfunding humor from comedian Jimmy Fallon.  During the tense times created by the upheaval in the Ukraine, with ongoing reports stating Russia is going to invade the country – and then reports they will not, Fallon has created a brief… Read More

WATCH: Jon Lajoie Takes Shot At Celebrities On Kickstarter

Jon Lajoie is probably best known for his role on TV’s The League. He has now launched a fake crowdfunding page soliciting fake donations in order to “acquire massive wealth.” It’s a (pretty hilarious) tongue-in-cheek parody of celebrity-powered crowdfunding campaigns. He specifically takes shots at… Read More

WATCH: Robert Downey Jr’s Kickstarter For Iron Man 4… Or Not

Robert Downey Jr. has done quite nicely for himself playing the lead role in the Iron Man film series. With Iron Man 3 just released, people obviously want to know whether or not to expect a fourth installment in the series. Well, last week on Jimmy Kimmel… Read More

The Louise Log and the Truth About Crowdfunding (Humor)

Completely politically incorrect, this video shows what actually goes into raising the ‘easy money’ known as ‘kickstarting’ or ‘crowdfunding’. Crowdfunding is a ton of work.  Taking on a crowdfunding project is no Field of Dreams because you have to fight you way to the top…. Read More

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