European Crowdfunding Network Extends Reach with Industry Meetup CrowdTuesday

European Crowdfunding Network ECNThe European crowdfunding industry is growing dramatically – just as it is in many parts of the world. National regulators have passed investment crowdfunding regulations or they are working on doing so. The European Commission is officially supporting the phenomenon as more and more entities enter this new sector. In recognition of this dynamic environment, the ECN’s CrowdTuesday events aims to bring together, at local level, the various actors in the crowdfunding scene.  The intent is to advocate and foster the creation of a strong crowdfunding ecosystem.

CrowdTuesday gatherings are designed to be small to medium sized events, characterized by an informal and friendly atmosphere, taking place in the after-work. Its main goal is to provide a pleasant occasion for the local crowdfunding Oliver Gajdaindustry to get together and network.

“CrowdTuesday was inspired by MobileMonday and CleanTuesday, which proved to be powerful means to connect and grow an industry”, says Oliver Gajda, Chairman of ECN. “We strongly believe that CrowdTuesday will have a similar effect not only at local level, but on the entire European crowdfunding industry as well. In fact, ECN aims at connecting the different CrowdTuesday events around Europe in order to encourage an exchange of knowledge and best practices”, he adds.

CrowdTuesday launched last April with the first event organized in Paris. The organizer, Alex Raguet, Lumo founder Alexandre Raguetand ECN treasurer, commented;

“CrowdTuesday Paris has been a great success, proving that there is need for a meetup dedicated to the actors that operate in the crowdfunding space. We planned another CrowdTuesday Paris on the 20th of May and there are other four scheduled in France during the month of June”. However, CrowdTuesday is not limited to France: ECN is, in fact, currently discussing the possibility to export the event also in Germany, Italy and the UK before the summer break.

ECN is looking forward to see more CrowdTuesday events happening all around Europe. “It would be great if one day, while on a work trip, one could stop by to the local CrowdTuesday to do some networking with the local actors and enjoy an after work drink” concludes Mr. Gajda.

The ECN is encouraging individuals to reach out to them if they are interested in organizing a CrowdTuesday in their city or region.

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