Update: Solar Roadways’ Passes $2.1M in Remaining Hours of Indiegogo Campaign

Solar Roadways

Successful Solar Roadways’ crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has just a few hours left until it closes, the campaign has raised over $2.1 million from more than 47,000 supporters.Solar Roadways

As previously reported by Crowdfund Insider, the fascinating project launched the campaign to raise $1,000,000 to replace the U.S.’s concrete and asphalt roads with solar panels. This is a potential way to produce a lot more electricity. According to some pundits, this may solve just about every energy problem the country has including geopolitical, fossil fuel reliance, CO2 production and so on.

The campaign immediately gained popularity and even set the record for the highest number of individual funders on Indiegogo.

Scott and Julie BrusawFounders of Solar Roadways Scott and Julie Brusaw stated on the campaign’s page, “The idea of launching a crowdfunding  campaign came to us from so many supporters that we looked into it. We have always been concerned about protecting our vision to implement this in the way that we think will have the most benefit: creating American jobs rather than outsourcing and then adding manufacturing facilities in other countries. That way we could help the economies everywhere providing many thousands of jobs. We have a vision for the way our facilities will be – campus like – with a positive atmosphere.


“We want to use as many recycled materials as we can and keep our manufacturing process as green as possible. We could go on, but you get the picture. If we can raise enough funds here, we won’t have to take on an investor and we won’t have to worry about losing our focus.”

The Brusaws also noted the hexagonal-shaped panels are made up of four layers: half-inch thick glass surface, layer of LEDs lights, electronic support structure, and recyclable material base layer.  The couple believes the panels may withstand up to 250,000 pounds or pressure.

While its main job is to collect energy from the sun, the panels are also part of a “smart” system that may even talk to a cloud-connected vehicle.  Mr. Brusaw stated, “We can produce three times more power than we use as a nation. That will eliminate the need for coal-fired power plants.”

Solar Roadways

While the glass does sound very reliable on roads, Mr. Bursaw revealed, “We hesitate to evencall it glass, as it is far from a traditional window pane. But glass is what it is, so glass is what we must call it. We sent samples of texture glass to a university civil engineering lab for traction testing… and ended up with a texture that can stop a vehicle going 80mph in the required distance.”

The Solar Roadway campaign stated that it will:

  • Improve road safety by providing LED lighting that replaces paint and can be changed at the touch of a button.
  • Prevent accidents by providing advance illuminating warning of animals or debris on the road.
  • Provide an environmentally friendly way to melt snow without salt and sand

UPDATE:  Solar Roadways closed at $2,200,961 capturing a final tally of 48,746 backers – a pretty impressive achievement.  This places Solar Roadways as the 2nd most funded successful campaign ever on the Indiegogo platform. The number one spot is held by the Gosnell film.

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  • Robert Selles

    I started to hear about this 2 years ago…….I like to know where it’s at now. Have they done any fricken roadways yet ?

  • tiffany

    what are some positives for solar roads

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  • nattyswift

    The question is, will this technology prove itself or not on a sequestered road they can experiment with running cars, trucks, buses, etc… I am sure there will be a lot of trial and error.
    Having viewed both sides of opinion on this technology, why not

  • Dave Cockayne

    Indiegogo just gave 2.2 million to scammers that have repeatedly been debunked, you might want to look at EEVBlog and Thunderf00t youtube videos on this subject. Scams like this getting funding do not bode well for the credibility of crowdfunding.

  • overzeetop

    We should take bets on the cost of each panel. Some hints as to the cost of each panel: the 4SF units will weigh about 100lbs each. The SunPower 230 panels they reference in their “numbers” page cost about $75/ SF. Bulk plate glass costs about $9/SF for 1/2″ thk. So $300 for the solar panels, $36 for the cover. Throw in $15 for the router/management, $10 for the composite shell, $25 for high power LED array and $14 for the power conversion, heaters, wiring harness, and fasteners to round it up to $400 per panel. As comparison, a piece of normal A36 steel, bought in 10 ton batches and cut into hexagons, will cost about $60/100lb, if bought in 10 ton batches, and that’s probably a reasonable lower limit for any 100lb, fabricated item.

    My bet is that they can manufacture them for about $300-500 in quatities greater than 10,000, and MSRP will then be in the $800-$1000 range. Add $100 per panel for the concrete substructure ($25/SF, about the cost of an commercial concrete floor, including grading and subgrade prep).

    (for giggles: Their “example” in their numbers page was to cover 31,000 Sq Miles of roads, parks, and lots (864E9 sq ft, or 216 billion panels). I get $87 Trillion dollars at $400/panel, and that wouldn’t include the concrete substructure or installation.)

  • Calamity

    Dommo should be Dumbo. This project has the potential to get us off oil. Improve safety and IT’S ALREADY WORKING. The project has years of work from electrical engineers. It’s been vetted by a team of Mechanical engineers. And you are a …..mechanic at Pepe’ Boys? Maybe a stock clerk at Walmart?

    Yes Dumbo, the world will never get better. Everything is a waste of time. Why change when we are doing so well the way things are. Actually you shouldn’t be Dumbo. You should be called Eor.

    • voxullus

      Actually the project is mostly bold claims and very few tests or data. From EE’s to civil engineers these claims have been thoroughly criticized without a honest answer back.
      I’m sure it’s pretty convenient to live in a world where you can attribute everything you don’t agree with to some conspiracy, but solar projects have been around for ever and solar enthusiasts often know what they are talking about.
      Ockhams razor suggests that it is much more likely that Solar-roadways is simply an ill-convinced vapor-ware fraud and not the solar revolution that is being attacked by endless hoards of conspiracy shills

      • Leslie Graham

        “the project is mostly bold claims”.
        Yeah – like every other invention in the history of engineering.
        Love it that you hate it.

        • voxullus

          Actually, most inventions in the history of engineering have been backed-up by results and have been noted for being NEW, not just a random combination of existing inventions.

          Carl Saga said it best with : “They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

          In essence, just because an idea is deemed laughable does not mean, per default, that it must be misunderstood genius. I could very well be utter crap.

    • OpinionsProfile

      Watch thunderf00t’s videoes on the subject.

  • dommo

    Truly amazing how much they have raised with a project that has zero ability to succeed. Perhaps this site should write a story about the lack of understanding of the most basic elements of science, rather than continuing to peddle science fiction.

    • Calamity

      or do you work for one of those companies that rely on oil?

    • Leslie Graham

      That’s what people said about the first ‘planes.
      Obviously this is just the start. At first, like the first ‘horseless cariages’, they will be a rich mans toy on the driveways of the better off. Then corporations will use them to ‘greenwash’ their car parks at HQ, then pavements in pedestrian precincts, then quiet suburban streets in sunny regions…. you get the idea.
      I love how deniers and petrol-heads just absolutely hate it that reality is proving them wrong. The inventors are obviously doing something right.
      We”ll see over the next decade or so – won’t we?

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