OurCrowd Has Raised $60 Million in Equity Crowdfunding

Global Equity  Crowdfunding Platform OurCrowd States Over $60 Million has been raised for 46 Companies in Just 16 Months.

OurCrowdOurCrowd, a leading equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, announced today that it has successfully raised $60 million in the aggregate to date over its platform for its 46 portfolio companies. This is a substantial achievement for a young company that is less than 2 years old.  Twenty of these companies have already raised more than $1 million each in investments, and four companies have raised over $3 million through the OurCrowd platform.  OurCrowd, based in Israel, has taken a global approach to equity crowdfunding featuring highly curated offerings on their platform.  The portal has taken a hybrid VC – equity crowdfunding approach investing in the companies that list on their platform.  OurCrowd investors meet stringent accreditation criteria and invest a minimum of $10,000 per deal.

Jon Medved Charlie RoseOurCrowd founder and CEO Jon Medved commented on the announcement;

 “We are proud to have raised these amounts in just 16 months since launching. These numbers demonstrate that our model works and can be effectively used for major funding rounds. The fact that OurCrowd has deployed more money for our companies than our Silicon Valley competitors proves that we are indeed at the forefront of equity crowdfunding innovation.”

larry-jasinskiLarry Jasinski, CEO of OurCrowd’s portfolio company ReWalk Robotics, which recently filed for its IPO, said;

“OurCrowd did their diligence thoroughly, effectively and quickly which was appreciated and valuable for an operating company. Their team has a combination of deep experience, meaningful skills and enthusiasm for their mission. They also have provided key contacts in the US and in new areas for us such as Australia.”

The company has emerged as a leader in the increasingly competitive equity crowdfunding space. Earlier this year, OurCrowd announced the closing of a $25 million Series B funding round. 


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  • Robert J. Taylor

    Don’t worry too much, Kid Rock. A minimum $10,000 investment only means the early participants in this fluid and constantly evolving industry are “cherry-picking” deals because of their previously established and perhaps deep-rooted alliances.
    The democratization of access to capital for small and start-up businesses will prevail in the end; while competing for developer projects and investor interest at the end of the day. In other words, as ‘blue collar’ investment opportunities (like the one I’m working on for non-accredited investors under Title III) become mainstream and the people become educated and enter into our environment of equity crowdfunding, then the average Joe will be able to enjoy the financial benefits of small dollar/high return real estate investment opportunities. Oh, by the way, did I mention without getting their hands dirty during property renovations or also answering phone calls from tenants regarding a stopped up toilet at 2am in the morning? Remember the folks who thought Bill Gates “garage opportunity” was a seriously ridiculous proposition? Who’s right and who’s wrong?
    Equity crowdfunding is a game-changer, period. Competition will bring $10,000 minimum investments down to $25 to $100 minimum investments and also empower many millions of Americans (and others) to get their own ‘piece of the rock’ in this once privileged industry. I think I’ve heard that somewhere (own a piece of the rock) from a Fortune 500 company once before…
    My advice? Create your own crowdfunding portal, or pay for someone else (like FundAmericaTechnologies) to do it for you. Offer exceptionally vetted deals on your platform, if you have that expertise. Allow the minimum investment to be something attainable and attractive to non-accredited investors. Join in the revolution to change the lack of access to capital for small businesses and part-time real estate investors. After that, live your life knowing your own courageous legacy contributed to a better American economy or, at least, the local economy in your own neck of the woods.
    What else can I possibly tell you, sir?…

  • Kid Rock

    How on earth can you equate a $10,000 minimum investment with crowdfunding?