Organizers Behind “God Loves Gays” Billboard Raise Over $50,000 on Indiegogo

God Loves Gays 2

The “mysterious” comedian behind the Facebook Page, God, launched a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this month to create billboard advertisements that support God and his love for gay people in the hometown of infamous religion organizations, Westboro Bapitst Church.

God Loves GaysThe Topeka, Kansas-based “church” has been notoriously known for its hateful protests at soldier funerals, along with shootings and equal rights support events throughout the country. They carry signs that have even read “God Hates Gay People.”

Explaining the reason behind the campaign, the organizer wrote, “This project is extremely valuable to the world. When people see villains such as Westboro existing in the world, and no one [is] doing anything about it, it disheartens them greatly. They lose faith in humanity and in the world. This has all kinds of negative consequences across all life. The message we are sending transcends their particular issue.”

Westboro Baptist Church

“Some people will argue that it it better to ignore the bigots, that all that Westboro wants it more attention. That it’s better for good people to do nothing, to ignore the evil and just wait for it to go away. While I respect this opinion, I contend that evil is only allowed to exist because good people do nothing.”

“The time has come for good people to fight back. With love! It’s time to send a message to these bigots. You want to come to other people’s funerals to promote hate? We’ll come to where you live to promote love!”

Initially looking to raise only $50,000, which would cover the cost to keep the billboard up until March 2015, the campaign has raised over the goal all thanks to nearly 3,000 backers. Updating fans and backers about the project, the creator tweeted,

The campaign is set to close on October 8th.


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