Wearable Techno-Meditation Device Neo Neurophone Nears $109,000 First Three Days on Indiegogo

Arizona resident Patrick Flanagan launched a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign earlier this week on Indiegogo for his product, the NEO Neurophone, which is described as a “wearable techno-meditation device”. The campaign has already gained some popularity and has even raised nearly $109,000 thanks to its over 400 backers.

Neo 1To set the record straight about what the device actually is, the campaign reads, “The NEO Neurophone is NOT a smartphone. Rather, the brand new 2015 NEO Neurophone is a profound time-tested techno-meditation device that sues ultrasonic waves to sooth and center your mind.”

The use of the NEO Neurophone claims to be quite easy. Just simply place its lightweight transducer on your forehead, switch it on, and you’ll immediately feel gentle ultrasonic waves waft into your brain, which in return whisks you to a new level of awareness, balancing your left/right brain hemispheres and thus – for many – apparently boosting your IQ…

Assuring backers that this isn’t a dream device, the campaign team shared, “The NEO Neurophone is the newest and most advanced model in a long series of Neurophone dating all the way back to the 50s when sci-fi was all the rage.”

NEO Neurophone features include:

  • Ultrasonic healing frequency base unit
  • Pink Fibonacci techno meditation built-in
  • Audio-in jack
  • Piezo transducer headset
  • Lithium batteries

Neo 2The team also noted that Dr. Flanagan and his company, Phil Sciences, have been refining the Neurophone for over 50 years and was inspired by a 1911 Hugo Gernsback science fiction tale about a sleep learning tool.

Neo Neurophone can be yours for the price of $399. The team promises that the devices will be delivered June 21, 2015. They noted, “Reductions in the cost of production and the doctor’s tireless value engineering have allow this campaign to offer the NEO Neurophone for only $399, shipping in the U.S. and Canada include. That is slightly less than half of what today’s NF3 Neurophone costs. Plus, the inventive doctor has managed to add rechargeable lithium batteries and a new Pink Fibonacci frequency that might just elevate your meditative state to heights of a Tibetan guru.”

The Neo Neurophone is set to close on October 18th.


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