Piranha Games Kills “Transverse” Crowdfunding Campaign; Begins Backer Refund Process

Transverse 2

Earlier this week, developer Piranha Games announced the $1 million crowdfunding campaign for its new video game Transverse was officially canceled. The project failed to attract as many attention as the company had hoped and now the company is planning to refund all backers with the game.

Bryan Ekman of Piranha Games.Piranha Games’ co-founder and creative director, Bryan Ekman took to video game’s blog and wrote,“It’s a bittersweet day. Thank you for taking a chance and showing us that you are interesting in seeing our vision come to life.”

“As you can see, the velocity of our crowdfunding campaign never gained the momentum needed to bring Transverse to life as a community funded concept. We are going to shut down our funding today, ahead of the 30-day deadline and begin the process of refunding as promised. We plan to take Transverse behind the curtain for now. One day, I hope to see you on the Fringe!”

The game descriptions reads: “[Transverse is a] synthetic physical forms allow humans to pursue an existence in space and have opened the door to immortality. This future is not without danger and the very substance of humanity will be tested in the distant regions of space known as the fringe.”

Transverse 4“Out in the Fringe, factions of humanity race to explore space, claim resources, and create new technologies to tip the balance of power; with this race for new power, all of humanity is plagued by conflict with the remnants. “Out in the lawlessness of the Fringe humanity faces its greatest enemy: itself.

“In the Transverse your actions define the universe. Your decisions, combat, missions, trading, and discoveries are the driving force for the creation and expansion of the Transverse. You and thousands of other players will shape the universe and craft a unique, shared story. The key elements to success are reputation, money and good contacts. In the Transverse, performing services in the form of contracts to help other players is the quickest way to reach your goals.”

Transverse 3According to Inc. Gamers, unlike other famous gaming projects like Star Citizen and Elite Dangeros, the Transverse crowdfunding campaign was launched under heavy criticism from the MechWarrior Online community, who became frustrated with Piranha’s progress in providing expect games features. Piranha was even shadow banned on Reddit due to its channels not following the website’s guidelines.
Inc. Gamers also reported the rather odd funding goals and added, “If you want to be able to put extra bits of customization on your ship, that’ll be the $1.5 million USD mark please. At $2.0 million USD, space ships will actually be able to fight one another.”
Whether or not this is the last time the gaming world hears about Transverse has yet to be determined.

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