American Homeowner Preservation Announces Loan Modification for Milwaukee Family at Risk of Foreclosure

American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) announced today the company was able to help a Milwaukee, WI family catch up on nearly three years of delinquent mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure with a loan modification this week. AHP purchases distressed mortgages using real estate crowdfunding with a mission to keep struggling families in their homes. In purchasing distressed mortgages at significant discounts, AHP provides delinquent borrowers with affordable settlement options and above market returns for investors.

American Homeowner Preservation AHPShelly purchased her Milwaukee home in 2005, but when she married, Shelly decided she would move into her husband’s house and find a tenant to rent her property. Shelly, 60, initially had trouble finding a tenant, however, and the home sat vacant and she fell behind on her payments. Shelly’s daughter eventually moved into the property with her daughter, but when she attempted to contact the lender to discuss the delinquent payments, she discovered the loan had been sold.

Shelly and her daughter found it difficult to reach the new lender and were continuously met with automated messages. When AHP acquired their loan, Shelly and her daughter were nearly three years behind on their payments. When AHP reached out to Shelly with several options to settle her delinquent payments, Shelly was skeptical of the offers.

“You never know who to believe with all these scams going on out there. You never know who actually owns your house, so I called them up to see what was going on,” explained Shelly. Shelly eventually found comfort in the fact she was able to have direct contact with a single asset manager at AHP and could work exclusively with one representative. Shelly eventually chose the settlement option that worked best for her and her daughter and settled her delinquent payments for just $2,000.

AHP HouseAfter making the settlement payment, Shelly and her daughter were able to resume their regular payments. Though Shelly initially was weary of AHP’s offers, once she found out how the process worked, she now believes the company can have a very positive impact for others in similar situations.

Shelly stated,“I wish ya’ll were around a lot sooner because there’s a lot of people who lost their homes. You never really know how much stuff you have until you have to get up and leave your house unexpectedly. I would definitely recommend you guys to other people. Now that I know more about you guys, I’m going to tell some people I know about what you’re doing.”

American Homeowner Preservation is a socially responsible investment fund manager which empowers accredited investors to purchase equity in pools of distressed mortgages and earn returns of 9-12%.




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