Indiegogo’s Slava Rubin Gives Everyone A Peek At His Everyday Schedule

Taking time away from his usual busy schedule, CEO of Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, sat down with Kinja’s Lifehacker to share details about keeping up his duties at the global crowdfunding platform along with his everyday schedule.


During his interview, Rubin revealed his “life hacks” and how he avoids the stress of his job. “I try to stay super fast moving. I email fast, talk fast, and make fast decisions whenever possible. I also like to gamily parts of my life to keep things fun and spontaneous.”

He continued,”For example, I’ll be watching Monday Night Football and only let myself look at emails during commercial breaks. I try to improve my efficiency each time and keep beating my records. Or sometimes if I’m on the treadmill watching basketball, I’ll run when the players are running. If there’s a time out or a commercial break, I’ll walk.”

When asked what his “go to” tech gadgets were, Slava noted, “You might think as the CEO of a company known for launching the latest technology innovations I’d be more into gadgets, but honestly if it’s not on my phone, I probably don’t use it. I do love my electric toothbrush though; I’m a big fan of oral hygiene.”

Slava Rubin DLD14

Also sharing how he keeps up with his schedules, Rubin stated, “I like to send emails to myself and put reminders in my calendar. My awesome executive assistant is also great for helping prevent things from slipping, although she jokes that I hired her not to make my life easier, but so I could do twice as much, which is probably true.”

In regards to the best advice he’s ever been given, Rubin explained, “My high school physics teacher used to say that the people who make it look the easiest are usually people who work the hardest. I also learned from my dad at a young age that you need to be disciplined to achieve great things.”

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