Houston Rap Group Geto Boys Hits Kickstarter to Raise $100,000 For First Album in 10 Years

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Ready to start making new music, Geto Boys has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their new album. It is the first record the Houston-based band has started to develop in over 10 years.

Sharing details about the campaign, the rapping trio (made up of  bandmates Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill) explained:

Geto Boys 3“We are three totally different dudes from the hood who was thrown together in a group for the sole purpose of representing the voice of the voiceless. As you can tell by our name, we didn’t shy away from the ghetto on our journey to the top, we embraced it. The bold way in which “we deliver our message has won us loyal fans all over the world.


“We also picked up a few detractors along the way. Our song ‘Mind of a Lunatic’ scared the hell out of suburbia America. Politicians and special interest groups put so much pressure on our distributor that our distributor refused to press and distribute our self-titled album, Geto Boys.


Geto Boys 2“To add insult to injury, we were banned in a number of cities throughout America. Venues wouldn’t allow us to play, and many stores wouldn’t sell our albums; if they did, they would keep them behind the counter and require our fans to ask for them if they wanted to buy one.


“In the nearly 30 years since the group was formed we have received almost no radio play, but we still managed to drop 8 albums, sell millions of records, and amass a catalogue that has stood the test of time. Most people know us for our chart topping single ‘Mind Playing Tricks On Me’ because it received a ton of radio play, but many of our other songs are considered hip hop classics.”

Some of the band’s well known fan-favorites include Do It Like It G.O., Scarface, Read These Nikes, Size Ain’t Shit, Gangsta of Love, Let A Ho Be A Ho, Fuck A War, Chuckie, Crooked Officer, 6 Feet Deep, World Is A Ghetto, Geto Fantasy, Gangsta Put Me Down, G-Code, Yes Yes Y’all, and I Tried. Many of band’s songs can be heard in movies, such as Damn It feels Good To Be A Gangsta, and Still, which are featured in Mike Judge’s classic cult film, Office Space.

Revealing the reason why the band decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign, Willie D reportedly told Rolling Stone:

Geto Boys 4“I’d like to take credit, but the fans really made it happen. It’s hard to get all of us on the same page, ’cause everybody’s always doing their own thing. We are three totally different people. We didn’t grow up together. We’re not blood-related. We didn’t go to the same schools, didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood. The one commonality that we do share is being in the group.”

Also revealing the group’s feelings for one another, the bandmate noted:

Geto Boys“We f*ckin’ hate each other, man. It’s like, ‘Motherf*cker, I don’t even wanna be onstage with you. Can we put up three stages, man? I’ll sing my verse, you sing your verse.’ The Geto Boys, man, we’re that family that can’t stand each other but love each other. That’s us. Family’s family, man: ‘I can’t stand that motherf*cker, I wanna kill him.’ Yeah man, but you can’t do that do your family.”

In regards to what the new album will sound like, Willie D added:

“We’re gonna go the f*ck off on the new album. If it scared David Geffen back in 1990, it’s gonna ruffle a few feathers in 2015.”

Backer rewards will include the new album, t-shirts, meet and greets, and Willie D will even host a party and/or endorse a brand.

The campaign is set to close on July 15th.


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