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Yancey Strickler Backs Otown’s Fourth Album Kickstarter Initiative

Over the weekend, 90’s all boy-band Otown launched a Kickstarter for their fourth album.The group revealed that this is the first time that they are creating an album free of any label. They noted: “We decided to take on the challenge of reviving Otown, a… Read More

De La Soul Unveils Documentary Following Kickstarter-Funded Album’s Release (Video)

Following the release of their Kickstarter-funded album “and the Anonymous Nobody,” hip-hop group De La Soul released their new documentary, which features the campaign launch and the album’s development. Vincent Mason, David Jude Jolicoeur, and Kelvin “Posdnous” Mercer, launched the crowdfunding initiative last year to secure only… Read More

De La Soul Unveils Usher Collaborated Single “Greyhounds” Less Than Two Weeks Before Kickstarter Funded Album Release (Video)

With their Kickstarter album,  And The Anonymous Nobody…, set to be released on August 26th, hip-hop trio De La Soul unveiled their new Usher collaborated single, Greyhounds.  The group, which consists of Vincent Mason, David Jude Jolicoeur, and Kelvin “Posdnous” Mercer, took to the crowdfunding giant with a mission to raise… Read More

Ten Year Celebration: Rock Band Buckcherry Launches PledgeMusic Campaign to Re-Release “15”

This week, American rock band Buckcherry launched a new PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds so that they may re-release their hit platinum album 15 on its tenth anniversary. The album features some of the band’s biggest hits, including Crazy B*tch and Sorry.  The group, which consists of current bandmates Josh Todd,… Read More

De La Soul Releases New Single “Royalty Capes” As They Prepare For Kickstarter Album Launch (Video)

With nearly a month until De La Soul releases their highly anticipated Kickstarter album, And The Anonymous Nobody, the group has unveiled a new single track called Royalty Capes.  Back in 2015, the hip-hop group, which consists of Vincent Mason, David Jude Jolicoeur, and Kelvin “Posdnous” Mercer, took… Read More

De La Soul Unveils First Single of Kickstarter-Funded Album “And the Anonymous Nobodies” (Video)

Earlier this week, De La Soul released the first single of their Kickstarter-funded album, And The Anonymous Nobodies, called Pain. Back in 2015, the hip hop group took to the crowdfunding giant with a mission to raise only $110,000 for their new album. Within only hours of its launch, the initiative successfully… Read More

American Rock Band Papa Roach Launches PledgeMusic Campaign For New Album

Papa Roach, an American rock band, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic to raise funds for their upcoming album. According to various reports, Papa Roach (which consists of Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance, and Tony Palermo) took to the studio earlier this year to… Read More

De La Soul Delays Kickstarter Album; Set to Release Later This Summer

Bad news, De La Soul backers, the group has delayed its Kickstarter album And the Anonymous Nobody. Although the group originally announced the record would be released on April 29th, they recently revealed that they were moving the debut date to later this summer. Last spring, the hip hop… Read More

Electronic Band Freezepop Hits Kickstarter to Raise Funds For Fifth Full-Length Album

Freezepop, a Boston-based electronic genre band, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its upcoming fifth full-length album. The group, which was found in 1999, has had its songs featured on Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and recently, the reboot to the Harmonix classic Amplitude, along… Read More

De La Soul Talks Kickstarter Album & Not Going to a Label: “We Love the Freedom”

Earlier this month, 90’s hip-hop group, De La Soul, sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the progress of their Kickstarter album, And The Anonymous Nobodies. As previously reported, De La Soul launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its new and highly anticipated album. While… Read More

Brief: A&R Producer Ron Fair Reveals Details About TLC’s Kickstarter-Funded Album

With fans still continuing to wait for TLC Kickstarter-funded album to be released, A&R producer, Ron Fair, weighed in on what to expect in regards to the 90’s all-girl band’s new tracks. Last year, all-girl group TLC took to crowdfunding giant with a mission to… Read More

TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas Offers Up a Kickstarter Album Update

Taking some time away from the recording schedule, TLC bandmate Chilli sat down with Billboard magazine to share some details about the upcoming and highly anticipated Kickstarter album. Last year, all-girl group TLC took to crowdfunding giant with a mission to raise $150,000 for their… Read More

Backers Grow Frustrated As Rapper Elzhi Fails to Deliver Kickstarter Album in Two Years, Threaten Lawsuit

After patiently waiting for the past two years for Jason Power (aka Elzhi) to create his Kickstarter album, backers are calling for a lawsuit against the Detroit rapper. Elzhi hit the crowdfunding platform in November 2013 and secured $37,382 from 708 backers: “Over the past… Read More

Hip Hop Group De La Soul Announces Kickstarter Album Release Date

  Earlier this year, 90’s hip hop group, De La Soul, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its new and highly anticipated album. Now nearly seven months after achieving over $600,000 through the funding initiative, the band has announced the record’s released… Read More

Kickstarter Backers to TLC: Where Is the Album We Were Promised?

Earlier this year, all-girl group TLC took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a mission to raise $150,000 for their fifth and final album. The group was started in the early 90’s and became a huge sensation throughout the years thanks to their popular hip-hop tunes. The all-girl… Read More

“Okay Cupid” Singer Kitty Launches Kickstarter Initiative For Her First “Big-Girl” Record

Last week, indie musician, Kitty, took to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a mission to raise funds for her first “Big-Girl” record. According to the 22-year-old, her first music video “Okay Cupid” went viral in 2012 when she was living in Dayton Beach, Florida. After that,… Read More

Steve Grand Opens Up About His Kickstarter Experience

Nearly a year and a half after the launch of his Kickstarter campaign for the album All-American Boy, musician Steve Grand sat down with Billboard to share details about his crowdfunding experience and the new record. All-American Boy was released earlier this year and within just thirty… Read More

Famed Musician Michael Bolton Hits PledgeMusic For His Upcoming Album

Michael Bolton fans, get ready! The 62-year-old musician is looking to produce a brand new album and he’s seeking the help of his devoted followers to make it happen. Recently, Bolton took to crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic with a mission to raise funds for the new record. He declared… Read More

Music Group David Wax Museum Returns to Indiegogo With a Mission to Raise Funds For New Album “Guesthouse”

Ready to bring new music to their fans, David Wax Museum has returned to Indiegogo with a crowdfunding campaign for their new album “Guesthouse.” The group, which was founded by David Wax and Suz Slezak in 2007 has tour both nationally and internationally over the past eight… Read More

Houston Rap Group Geto Boys Hits Kickstarter to Raise $100,000 For First Album in 10 Years

Ready to start making new music, Geto Boys has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their new album. It is the first record the Houston-based band has started to develop in over 10 years. Sharing details about the campaign, the rapping trio (made up of  bandmates Scarface, Willie… Read More

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