Unlicensed Animated “Zelda” Series Hits Kickstarter; Has Yet to be Shutdown by Nintendo

Zelda 4

In an effort to bring a fan favorite video game to the small screen, Salt Lake City’s Aeipathy Industries has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for an unlicensed Zelda animated series, Zeldamotion.

Zelda 2Since its establishment in 2011, Aeipathy Industries has a variety of projects under development such as books, animated series (including its own YouTube Zelda production that it funded on its own), and tabletop RPG games. The company noted that Zeldamotion’s story and design are based off of the “A Link to the Past” manga written and illustrated by Akira Himekawa, a pen name for the female duo, A. Honda and S. Nagano.

The series story reads:

“The land of Hyrule has been overtaken by the cunning wizard Agahnim, who is sacrificing the descendants of the seven sages in order to unleash a great and powerful evil from another world. Princess Zelda, the last remaining descendant, is captured, and uses her divine abilities to call out for the Hero of Legend to rescue her, and stop Agahnim from releasing the cataclysmic monstrosity that awaits beyond the Seal of the Seven Sages.”

Those who back the project will receive various rewards, including Blu-ray/DVD, art book, signed poster, name in credits, and soundtrack CD. Although Zeldamotion is NOT licensed by Nintendo, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics company has yet to pull the plug on the project (or even the previous Zelda project that Aeipathy Industries created. Jarom Smith, one of the creators of Zeldamotion stated on Reddit:

Zelda 1“I am as confused as everyone else when I see that they haven’t told us to stop. We definitely take ourselves seriously, and it is definitely a Zelda work, so what’s the deal? Are we just too small for them to notice, or what?


“The bottom line is this: I don’t know why Nintendo does what it does (I mean, Amiibos. ’nuff said). But they haven’t shut us down yet and its been over two years. That means, if they are going to turn a blind eye, then by golly I say we get it done, because no one else seems to be doing it!


“I like to imagine that it’s because Nintendo wants to see what we can do, without giving us the official green light. If they approved us, who is to say we’d get it right? But if they wait and see, they can ‘make us official’ after we have already done all the work. That way it’s no risk for Nintendo.”

In regards to why the company is now looking for funding help, Smith added:
Zelda 3“The main reason we are asking for money is because people have asked us to do it faster. People are constantly asking us when we will have new content, and when you are creating content in your spare time, it takes a lot longer to do. So we’ve created the Kickstarter to say ‘This is it. If you want it fast, you can get it fast. But if it fails, don’t blame us.’ Like any other good Kickstarter campaign, you will get what you pay for.”
Zeldamotion’s Kickstarter is set to close August 12th.


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