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Atari Launches StartEngine Campaign to Bring Roller Coaster Tycoon to Nintendo Switch

Atari Game Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of video game giant Atari,  has launched a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine to raise up to $20 million in order to bring its hit classic game RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch game console. The company claimed since its initial release in 1999,… Read More

Bitmap Books’ NES/Famicom Kickstarter Relaunches Despite Nintendo Copyright Block

Despite Nintendo issuing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) again Bitmap Books over its Kickstarter-funding NES Famicom Book, the initiative was able to relaunch and successfully secured over $265,000 USD. Earlier this month, the gaming giant announced the DMCA notice, which stated the copyrighted materials in… Read More

Bitmap Books’ NES/Famicom Kickstarter Initiative Suspended After Nintendo Issues Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Just hours before the closing of Bitmap Books’ latest Kickstarter campaign for the new book, NES/Famicom, gaming giant Nintendo has issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against the initiative. The book was to feature written content and artwork of the video games from the Nintendo’s first… Read More

Unlicensed Animated “Zelda” Series Hits Kickstarter; Has Yet to be Shutdown by Nintendo

In an effort to bring a fan favorite video game to the small screen, Salt Lake City’s Aeipathy Industries has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for an unlicensed Zelda animated series, Zeldamotion. Since its establishment in 2011, Aeipathy Industries has a variety of projects under development… Read More

Video Game “Brawl in the Family” Returns to Kickstarter in Comic Book Form; Over $18,000 in 24 Hours

Hoping to have another successful run on the crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, Gonzales resident Matthew Taranto has launched another campaign for his hit board game Brawl in the Family. Setting out to raise only $56,000 this round, the campaign has already reached $18,000 from close to… Read More

Kickstarter “Night Trap” Campaign Creator Slams Nintendo; Then Applies for the Gaming System’s License

A few days after a very awkward phone interview with gaming website, Kotaku, Night Trap’s executive producer and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign creator, Tom Zito took to his own blog to post his thoughts about his past conflict with Nintendo. As previously reported, when asked by backers… Read More

Kickstarter Users Raise Eyebrows Over “Night Trap” Revamping Campaign

San Diego-based video game company Night Trap LLC is dealing with questions about the accuracy and authenticity of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to revamp its ’90s controversial self-titled game. The project debuted on the platform just three days ago and was immediately criticized about… Read More

Nintendo Files IP Dispute Over Metroid Fan Film On Kickstarter

A fan-created involving the popular video game series Metroid is now the subject of an IP dispute between the project creators and Nintendo. Perhaps dispute is a strong word. In short, it’s obvious that Nintendo has the rights to their own works. The question is whether or… Read More

Armikrog Kickstarter Gets Noticed By Nintendo

Last month we featured the Kickstarter project for Armikrog in our roundup of 5 Kickstarter Projects Making Waves. From that article… Do you remember Earthworm Jim? It was a shooting game released on Sega Genesis in the 90′s and was a pretty huge success. Now the… Read More

Nintendo Launches Crowdfunding Parody Site For “Game & Wario”

Nintendo and Warioware Inc. have launched a crowdfunding parody site called Crowdfarter as a promotional stunt for it’s upcoming Wii U game Game & Wario. No, people don’t contribute money like they would for a campaign on a traditional crowdfunding site. In this case users can unlock rewards… Read More

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