CEO Ben Miller’s Fundrise Portfolio: 28 Deals, $265,800 Invested, $9,936 in Returns

Ben Miller's Fundrise Portfolio

Of course readers want to know what’s in your portfolio! Fundrise’s CEO Ben Miller just posted that he indeed invests in Fundrise’s offerings, 28 deals to date.

Ben Miller“As a developer myself, I understand that there are risks in any real estate project and not everything goes according to plan,” blogged Miller. Sticking to a “few simple strategies,” Miller highlights Diversification, Risk-adjusted Returns Understanding and Long-Term Value as key. “No matter how smart, no investor gets it right 100% of the time. By diversifying across a large number of individual deals, I am more likely to hit my potential returns. I believe that investors who are well diversified outperform those that try to pick a few ‘winners.'”

After Black Monday, investors may be rethinking their options. Miller’s timely commentary rings relevant:

Fundrise“Everyone looks like a genius when the market is hot. It’s when things cool down that you see who was making smart decisions. I look for long-term value – assets where there is true demand to support them. This is one reason I like urban infill properties, there’s inherently limited supply,” shared Miller.

With its sight set on a “record-setting” autumn, the trailblazing real estate platform counts over 59,220 platform members, with current live offerings including 3 World Trade and real estate activity aplenty in Seattle.

Silence may golden in movie theaters, but transparency reigns in crowdfunding.  I welcome other industry leaders to share their portfolios and commentary.  Here’s to abundant returns!

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