New Crowdfunding Platform Crowdpac Launches Specifically For U.S. Political Office Candidates

Crowdpac 1Last week, Crowdpac launched its crowdfunding platform that is specifically for U.S. politics.

Co-founder and CEO of Crowdpac Steve Hilton, revealed to the Washington Post that the idea is to take the risk out of that first step of running for office by testing the waters with a crowdfunding platform. During his recent interview, Hilton shared the step-by-step process for the new website:

Steve Hilton“It’s exactly like the process of starting a campaign on one of the crowdfunding sites: you go to Crowdpac and you create a funding page for your candidate, whether that’s yourself or someone you nominated. It literally takes a couple of minutes, you put in your name, select the race, and we already have a database of races at all federal and state and increasingly at the local level.


“You upload a quick video saying why you think you’d do a good job and that’s pretty much it. You can immediately share that page just like you would share any other crowdfunding page with your friends or network and invite them to pledge to that candidate.”

Steve then noted the struggles that potential political candidates experience:

Crowdpac 4“One of the biggest barriers we’ve seen of people running for office is actually raising the money. First, the difficulty of asking your friends or family for money. People find that to be a real barrier. But also the logistics around it because campaign election law means that in order to raise money for a campaign and to be an official candidate, you have to go through some legal steps, file papers, set up an official committee to legally accept funds for your campaign. Those kinds of barriers are a lot for the average person. They just think, ‘Man it’s too complicated, too much of a hassle.’ We’re eliminating that with this concept of pledging. It’s kind of a no-risk way for people to see, hey ‘I’ve got the support.’”

Crowdpac 2Also revealing what happens to the crowdfunding campaign once the candidate is successful, Hilton explained:

“If the potential candidate becomes an official candidate, then their page on Crowdpac changes from a crowdfunding page into an official candidate page. All the pledges have been made have been charged and listed as official donations.”

In regards to Crowdpac’s potential future, Steve added:

Crowdpac 3“We want to open that whole system up so anyone can say ‘I can care about this particular issue, that means I need to donate to that candidate, that race.’ And those are tools we’ve already started creating as well. So I think this is just a start.


“It’s just really trying to say to people, ‘Look, don’t leave politics to the insiders, and don’t assume that people like you can’t run for office because you’re not already politically connected, and the kind of person you think a politician is.’ Anyone can run for office. We can all do it, and now we’ve made it really simple to take that first step.”

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