CoAssets Reveals: Santa Knows A Thing Or Two About the Crowdfunding Method

With less than two days until Christmas Day, the team at CoAssets wrote an article for Yahoo! News that explains how Santa Claus knows a thing or two about the crowdfunding method.

The Singapore-based real estate crowdfunding platform shared:

CoAssets Logo“Crowdfunding this holiday season can be a struggle for most people even when there is a big chance of getting funding because of the all the disposable income people have at the moment. This happens because end of year bonuses and other financial dividends from a year of hard work is paying off and families are making the most out of their extra cash on hand.

“Parents are rushing off to the mall to get some presents for their children, their children’s classmates, teachers, friends and that is just in school. They also have to think about family and friends, neighbours and officemates to gift. On a business level, there are employees to acknowledge and even clients to give gifts to this coming season.

Santa Claus Christmas 2“When you think of Christmas and gift giving, there is one person who will always do a better job than any person on the planet and your kids know him all too well. Santa Claus is a Christmas figure that has been coming back year after year presumably climbing down that trusty old chimney and stacking up gifts for children under the tree before heading on out to another house.

“He is believed to circle around the globe leaving toys for kids who has been good throughout the year and skipping homes of those that has been naughty and not nice to other children. There are people, kids and adults alike who believes he exists but the idea of Santa Claus and how he works his wonder during this season is what lives on for ages.”


Noting how Santa’s “tasks” are similar to crowdfunding, CoAssets added the following:

  • He recruits the help of elves to make toys: “It takes a team to build an enterprise that is why project initiators usually starts off with a few people they trust to get the business up and running in the initial stages. As they succeed and get bigger, so would the people force be which is needed to have smooth operations. Santa Claus has many elves that work to get all those toys ready and packed in time for Christmas. He even has Mrs Claus to help him manage the gifts.”
  • Gift GivingHe gets rewarded for the gifts: “Kids know all too well to leave cookies and a glass of milk for Santa as a thank you for the gifts he will be dropping by. Same with how project initiators need to find a way to give a reward for all the investors and donors backing up their project. It is usually a personalized gift and not one that you just pick up off the shelves in a store.”
  • Kids know the they need to put in effort: “You need to be in the nice list all year round to receive a gift under that tree on Christmas day. This is one of the hardest things that kids would have to do but it teaches them the lesson of putting in work to achieve a goal. Just like how Santa Claus is popular only during Christmas but actually puts in a lot of work during the whole year to make the toys. Crowdfunding are usually seen by people as it goes live on sites but there are a lot of hard work involved from conceptualization to the project going live.”


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