Stratifund Will Provide Research on Equity Crowdfunded Offers

Minneapolis-based Stratifund is now offering research reports to help investors determine whether or not an equity crowdfunded offer makes sense for them. Targeting Reg A+ and Reg CF offers, Stratifund is combining independent research reports and a proprietary rating system to help individuals make ‘informed investment decisions.”

Alex ThalerAlex Thaler, Stratifund co-founder and co-CEO, said his company will “bridge the gap” for everyday investors as they decide if they should purchase securities from an issuer raising capital online.  The service is launching just as the interest in online investments is beginning to rise.

“We give each investment a rating based on our proprietary algorithm, and back it up with a user-friendly report that highlights key areas that influence a start-up’s position,” stated Thaler.

Stratifund states it does not take any remuneration from any of the companies it rates.  The service will be monetized by a small subscription fee that allows individuals access to an unlimited number of reports alongside educational material.Stratifund does not take any funding from the start-up companies it rates, instead relying on nominal subscription fees from investors for unlimited access to deal reports and educational materials.Marc Snover

“Our business model allows us to stay completely independent and objective,” said Marc Snover, Stratifund co-CEO and co-Founder. “We pour an enormous amount of research into every deal report, and we think the pricing structure provides tremendous value to investors. We’re not investment advisors; our only goal is to publish independent research that provides as much information as possible in an approachable, convenient platform so everyday investors can make decisions with confidence.”

Investing in early stage companies and SMEs is a risky process. Many small companies fail after just a few years. Stratifund seeks to assist smaller investors in selecting those companies with the best potential to succeed. Not all offers on crowdfunding platforms will carry the same amount of risk.  Stratifund wants to get beyond the hype and look at what is actually being pitched to smaller investors.


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