Overfunding: 12 East Games’ “Trackless” Surpasses $20,000 Funding Target on Fig

With nearly one week until its crowdfunding campaign on Fig comes to an end, 12 East Games’ latest video game, Trackless, has successfully secured initial $20,000 funding target thanks to more than 400 backers. Trackless is described as an atmospheric first-person exploration and puzzle game that is set in the distant future. It was notably inspired by various classic games, which includes Zork, Shadowgate, and King’s Quest. The story reads:

trackless-2In the game, you play as a Seeker, someone who has decided to take a journey into the mountains to attempt a series of trials that, if completed, will lead you to a monolith called The Object. No one knows what The Object is or where it came from, but clues exist surrounding this intractable mystery.”

Players notably use currency to advance in the game (i.e. purchase upgrades and get access to new areas). To earn currency, players must explore locations and solve puzzles. Their in-game phone will help them find clues and give them special abilities.

While revealing why she decided to use the crowdfunding method for the game, Aubrey Serr of 12 East Games (and the game’s creator) previously stated:

trackless-1“Crowdfunding makes a lot of sense for us, since it simultaneously grants us the ability to raise funds for polishing and shaping our game, while at the same time helping get the word out. We’re excited that Fig is helping us with the campaign and will continue to help us even once the funding is done.”

Trackless is currently available starting at $10. Backers of the campaign will receive other rewards, including the original soundtrack, t-shirt sets, phone themes, digital art book, and unique artwork prints. The campaign is set to close on November 17th.

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