Landbay Announcement: P2P Lender Integrates AU10TIX ID & Customer Onboarding Gateway Service

On Wednesday, UK-based peer-to-peer lender Landbay announced it integrated AU10TIX ID authentication and customer onboarding gateway service, which enables customers to notably benefit from seconds-fast Click & Go ID authentication that helps detect and deter fraud.

julian corkJulian Cork, Chief Operational Officer at Landbay, stated:

“We moved provider to AU10TIC BOS after conducting detailed analysis in the market. The difference between 2nd generation technology and conventional solutions became evident pretty quickly. AU10TIX BOS stands out in speed, accuracy, breadth and depth of forensic checks, and the ability to handle ‘sub-optimal’ image qualities. Landbay takes fraud protection and KYC compliance very seriously. AU10TIX BOS enables us to facilitate this in an operationally efficient manor while at the same time providing our customers with streamlined onboarding experience.”

Ron AtzmonRon Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX, then noted:

“We are delighted to have Landbay to our swelling ranks of online FSP clients. As online-indigenous P2P lenders, Landbay are well aware of the critical importance of proper automation to customer acquisition, fraud protection and operating efficiency. AU10TIX strategy of full automation, deep authentication and better handling of image quality challenges has paid itself. AU10TIX is now well recognized as the technology leader in ID authentication and onboarding automation, and we are happy to put latest technology at the disposal of strong players such as Landbay.”

Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX, added:

Ofer Friedman“The battle haze in the ID authentication (or as some call it: “ID Verification”) is now clearing. Latest market facts that point at fraud focusing on stolen genuine personal data make it only clearer that fraud detection cannot stop at content reading and data vetting. Stolen genuine data is still genuine, so it raises only seldom the red flag. What Landbay is armed with is the technology that can help not only retrieve this data but also tell if it comes from a genuine ID document or not. AU10TIX’s recent announcement of Deep Learning based doc-to-selfie face comparison also demonstrates that 2nd generation image processing and risk analytics can now go further than ever before. “

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