Fed Up with Thanksgiving Day Traffic? Forgot to Bring Dessert? Jetpack Aviation May Be the Answer

With global news feeds covering countless US turkey day traffic jams, StartEngine’s new Jetpack Aviation campaign may provide the solution to next year’s dilemma…for pickup up missing ingredients or arriving early to or leaving quickly from Thanksgiving dinner.

david-mayman“JetPack Aviation is the first company to design and manufacture a true jetpack for personal flight. With this technological breakthrough, JetPack Aviation has created an entirely new aviation market for individuals, corporations, and military customers,” opined CEO David Mayman. “Our jetpack will open a vast range of new and exciting applications including rapid organ transportation, high-rise fire escape, and rescue missions behind enemy lines.”

Van Nys, California-based Jetpack Aviation just launched its Title III RCC on StartEngine.  At this writing just over $7K was raised by over 11 investors with an investment minimum of $199. Shares are priced at $6.63 for the company, currently valued at $55M. Investor perks are offered for $10,000, a visit to the JPA HQ and dinner with cofounders David & Nelson, at $20,000, a tethered flight near Los Angeles and at $50,000, a Tethered flight + 25% discount on a Jetpack purchase. Funding will be used toward improving the technology which will provide longer flights and increase safety.  The company is also crowdfunding on Seedrs, having raised just over £35,617 at this writing.

With over 400 test flight without “major incidents”, Jetpack Aviation cites itself as the only company to ever make multiple public demonstrations of a personal jetpack flight vehicle and is now ready to finish the design of the JB10 jetpack, manufacture the jetpacks and ship them to customers around the world. With a 10,000 feet maximum altitude and 68 miles per hour forward flight speed, the JB10 can vertically lift a person off the ground from a tiny space and fly for up to 10 minutes, said the company.


  • jetpack-aviation$250,000 JB10 retail price
  • 365 LB of thrust
  • Up to 18,000 feet in altitude – 68 Miles per hour
  • Over 10 minutes of flight time (varies with pilot weight) ** doesn’t not include getaway car
  • Built-in stabilization
  • Uses ordinary jet or car diesel fuel
  • Easy to use flight controls

The jetpack is powered by two small, efficient jet engines, each delivering 180 LB of thrust and runs on ordinary jet fuel or diesel. The two specially modified jet turbine engines are controlled by a throttle synchronization computer ensuring that the thrust produced by each engine is managed equally – this system is patent pending according to the company. Additionally, the two jetpack engines have a power to weight ratio of over 7 to 1 offering 360 lbs. of thrust.

jetpack-aviation“Our specially modified jetpack engines are constructed from a single radial compressor and an axial flow turbine stage. The engines have an inbuilt electric starter motor for the start and cool down sequences. At maximum throttle our jetpack engines can spin over 60,000 rpm or 20,000 rpm at ground idle,” explained the campaign. “The exhaust gas leaves the engine at about 1,300 degrees, which rapidly reduces as it mixes with cool ambient air.  This process ensures the pilot experiences no discomfort in flight.Takeoff and control of our jetpack is made easy with our inbuilt flight stabilization technology.  Our patent pending control systems have been designed to automatically adjust for changes in fuel load during flight. This integrated stabilization and control system makes the jetpack easy to fly with incredible agility and maneuverability. An advanced computer pilot information display, fully developed in-house, provides all necessary information to the pilot. The left handle controls the spin. The right handle controls the throttle and thrust. Lean forward to move forward and gain speed. Lean back to slow down and eventually hover. Lean left and give left spin or lean right to turn.”

The pilot backpack can easily fit into a car trunk –I have witnessed this.  But what about carrying a tank of fuel on one’s back?  This could be a problem. For obvious reasons, Jetpack Aviation has given this problem serious thought.

jetpack-aviation-2“Our design team looked at how the NASCAR racing industry cracked this problem and we found our solution. First we made the fuel tank shell out of an incredibly tough material, which instead of cracking will slowly deform.  Next, our engineers added an internal bladder, which contours the inside of the tank to minimize the amount of air remaining in the tank as fuel is used. The bladder is also extremely strong and flexible so that it resists rupturing if the tank hits the ground for any reason. A custom designed automatic inflation system can be added to the airframe within 5 minutes for flights over water. If for any reason the jetpack hits the water, the buoyancy system will automatically inflate a heavy-duty float bag within seconds.”

For more campaign information and access to incredible videos, click here. 67 days remain on the campaign.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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