Here is the Presentation that Explains How Ant Financial, Part of Alibaba, Will Dominate Finance

Alibaba has been a trailblazer in many ways. One area that Alibaba wants to dominate is finance for both consumers and SMEs and they are well on their way.  Ant Financial, their financial services subsidiary, is executing on this vision and last week Eric Jing, CEO of Ant Financial, delivered a presentation explaining their approach.

To put the reach of Ant Financial into perspective, Jing shared some hard numbers:

  • Alipay, their payment platform, has 520 million annual active users
  • Wealth management, Ant Fortune, has 330 million cumulative users with 17% year over year growth
  • Ant Credit Pay and Ant Cash Now have 100 million active users
  • Ant Insurance has 392 million users and is growing premiums at 43% year over year
  • Zhima Credit has 257 users and 95% year over year growth

Ant Financial is, well, huge.

PayPal only has 203 million active accounts. Charles Schwab has just 10.2 million accounts. The list of easy comps continues…

Ant Financial is THE model for financial services and may be the most successful #Fintech company in the worldClick To Tweet

Ant Financial is THE model for financial services and may be the most successful Fintech company in the world. Of course all of these hundreds of millions of users are engaged with other Alibaba services. As for future growth, Ant Financial points to the fact that 30% of the adult worldwide population is underbanked, 80% of the worlds SMEs have no access to formal financial systems and 90% of the adult population in developing countries do not have a credit card. Alibaba / Ant Financial has plenty of runway.

So why aren’t other global tech companies copying Alibaba? Well they are trying to replicate Alibaba’s success but for companies like Amazon, Google, Apple etc., pushing into financial services is a challenging task due to the regulatory environment. In China, government officials have encouraged internet finance to evolve. The same cannot be said for the US. Now Alibaba is expanding into other countries. Including the US.


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