LendIt China Journal July 8th 2017: dv01, LendIt 2017, GoodAI.Capital

After an exhausting flight from LAX to Hong Kong, I was greeted by friendly staff at LendIt China, also known as Lang Di Conference, at one of the busiest airports in the world.

The amount of logistics communication from Bo Brustkern, Chairman at Lang Di Fintech, was reassuring. The ground floor staff, Hero, and Shawn are outstanding. I never felt lost and every detail of my travels was coordinated with meticulous attention to detail.

I met up with Darwin Ling, one of the participants of Lang Di Fintech, at the seaport of Hong Kong, both of us got on the short ferry right to Macau. Darwin, a successful technology entrepreneur recently excited from his last startup is now forming a $40MM Fintech fund to invest in Fintech startups. We talked freely about our past experiences and goal for the conference. Both of us quickly found many common grounds on various lending startups that he’s interested in and my take on where online lending is headed.

Our conversations continued on and off at group lunches and dinners. I have a feeling that we will see a lot more on Darwin and his company GoodAI.Capital in the coming days.

I quickly ran into some familiar faces of the LendIt and Lang Di Fintech conference circle. One of those faces is Jeremy Todd. I haven’t seen Jeremy for months. We quickly caught up with his latest venture, dv01. Jeremy’s trademarked enthusiasm about his new venture really caught my attention. Dv01, “dollar value of an 01” is a bond trading terminology that I won’t even attempt to go into details with. You can read it about here.

So, what is dv01?

According to Jeremy, it’s a technology company that provides transparency, insight, and forecast into basically any payment backed portfolios such as unsecured personal loans. Traders and securitization specialists would use this tool to dive into minute details such as the status of each payment. Dv01 provide unprecedented access to any interested parties to really understand how a pool of asset is performing.

Instead of linearly projecting cash flow, default and prepayment curves, the securitization market is now demanding sophisticated analytics and projections based on hundreds of input variables as opposed to a few. Instead of summarized performance of bundles of loans, dv01 provides payment level details that bring true transparency and an ease of mind for our securitization industry.

As securitization activities happening almost on a monthly basis within the online lending industry, dv01 is leading the way to bring even more efficiency and benefit to the online lending community as a whole. I couldn’t think of anyone else, but my friend Jeremy Todd to lead the charge there.

Before we go back to Hong Kong from our gathering in Macau, I caught up with Bo, Todd Anderson and Baldimir Estevez of LendIt. They gave me a preview of what’s to come for LendIt London and LendIt San Francisco. These up and coming events will be bigger, broader and more inclusive. The speaker line up is amazing and without disclosing too much of what’s being planned, I am very much looking forward to participating going forward.

We will be in Hong Kong in the next few days and all of the participant’s schedule is jammed packed with 1:1 investor meetings and on-stage presentations. I can’t wait to hear some of the new lending, payment, and distributed ledger platforms to give their pitch. We hope to bring good news home and keep on fueling the great financial revolution of our generation.

Look out for my report in the next few days on CrowdFundInsider.com. Lang Di FinTech conference is next week in Shanghai from July 15th to 16th, 2017.


Timothy Li is the CEO of Kuber and MaxDecisions. He has over 14 years of Fintech industry experience. He’s passionate about changing the finance and banking landscape. Kuber launched Fluid, a credit building product designed for college students to borrow up to $500 interest free. Kuber’s 2nd product Mobilend is a true debt consolidation product, aiming to lower debt for all Americans. Li also the co-founder and President of P2P Protect, an Insurtech platform that offers P2P insurance products. Li sits on multiple advisory boards including Rocketloans.

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