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dvo1 Partners with Invictus on Mortgage Loan Data

Leading loan data provider dv01 has partnered with Invictus Capital Partners on mortgage lending. According to a release, the partnership will facilitate data reporting operations for the growing portfolio of non-qualified mortgage loans managed by Invictus and its affiliates. dv01 will serve as Loan Data… Read More

DV01 Report: Online Consumer Lending Continues to Head Towards Normalcy

A new report from online lending data provider DV01 indicates that this sector of Fintech continues to move towards “normalcy” following the advent of COVID-19 and the ensuing economic disruptions. The report says online lending is displaying “resiliency” as origination volumes are now only 34%… Read More

Online Lending Sees Drop in Loan Impairments, Majority of Modified Loans Have Resumed Payments

A report this week indicates that in aggregate, loan impairments from online lenders continue to decline. dv01, a data provider in the online lending sector that has partnered with over 25 issuers and provided securitization reporting and analytics on over $100 billion transactions across consumer… Read More

dv01: Total Loan Impairments and Delinquencies Decline as COVID-19 Lingers, Online Lenders Remain Resilient

  dv01 has recently published another report tracking the impact of COVID-19 on the online lending marketplace. dv01 is a top data aggregator tracking the online lending industry. dv01 connects directly with the largest online lenders in the consumer world to, normalizing loan data, providing… Read More

dv01 Expands Partnership with LendingClub

dv01, a platform that connects online lenders and investors with data management, has expanded its reporting partnership with LendingClub, according to a release by the firm. dvo1 has previously provided reporting services for LendingClub securitizations but is says it now has secured its “role as… Read More

LendIt China Journal July 8th 2017: dv01, LendIt 2017, GoodAI.Capital

After an exhausting flight from LAX to Hong Kong, I was greeted by friendly staff at LendIt China, also known as Lang Di Conference, at one of the busiest airports in the world. The amount of logistics communication from Bo Brustkern, Chairman at Lang Di… Read More

Big News for Prosper: Marketplace Lender Signs Agreement for $5 Billion in Loan Purchases from Consortium of Investors

Prosper Marketplace, one of the leading online lenders in the US, has signed an agreement with a group of institutional investors to purchase up to $5 billion in loans over the next 24 months. The agreement alleviates a challenging situation that has been endured by… Read More

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