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LendIt China Journal July 8th 2017: dv01, LendIt 2017, GoodAI.Capital

After an exhausting flight from LAX to Hong Kong, I was greeted by friendly staff at LendIt China, also known as Lang Di Conference, at one of the busiest airports in the world. The amount of logistics communication from Bo Brustkern, Chairman at Lang Di… Read More

Brief: Orchard Platform’s Jeremy Todd Shares Lang Di Fintech Experience Highlights

With the closing of LendIt’s largest event to date, the Lang Di Fintech Experience, Orchard Platform shared its Head of West Coast & APAC Sales Jeremy Todd‘s initial impressions of the event which focused on the future of fintech not only in China but also globally. Todd participated… Read More

Orchard Platform Launches New Investment Manager Database for Institutions

Orchard, an investment and analytics firm that supports the global marketplace lending industry, has released Orchard Manager Database described as a” comprehensive resource for institutional investors to identify and evaluate the funds of marketplace (P2P) lending investment managers”. This new application is designed to provides large investors an ability… Read More

Orchard: Best Practices to Investing in Marketplace Lending

Orchard, the nexus of institutional investors into the marketplace, or peer to peer lending space, has published a list of best practices to invest in this new asset class. The early days of P2P was slow to grow as platforms experimented and solidified processes and… Read More

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