Crowd Invest Summit Co-Founder, Alon Goren, Joins VC Wavemaker Partners

Alon Goren, a long time participant in the alternative finance sector and co-founder of the Crowd Invest Summit (CIS), announced in an email he has joined the venture capital group Wavemaker Partners. The VC firm was founded by Eric Manlunas, David Siemer and Paul Santos, Managing Partner. Wavemaker states on their web site their emphasis to operate on the basis of trust;

“We know that if we’re trusted by our founders and investors then we are achieving what we set out to do. It means our results are world-class. It means we’re honest, credible, and consistent. It means we add value with our perspective and our network. “

Wavemaker is described as of the most active VC firms based in Los Angeles, tending to back companies based in Southern California and Southeast Asia. Since 2003, Wavemaker has invested in more than  230 different companies.

Goren, who will joining the group as Venture Partner, stated;

“This is especially exciting to me, because my goal for 805 Startups (the investor and startup group that I founded in Ventura / Santa Barbara Counties that is now over 2,000 members strong) has always been to give startups in the region access to investors all over the world, and Investors in the region access to startups all over the world.  Joining Wavemaker will allow me to do just that.

Goren told Crowdfund Insider he will continue his role with Crowd Invest Summit, now in its second year. The conference series has focused on capital formation, including investment crowdfunding and more recently Initial Coin Offerings.

“It’s very exciting for me to have joined Wavemaker. Now, when I meet amazing companies through the events that I do, I have the backing of a world-class venture fund behind me.  When I do media and promote those companies, like I always have, I get the added bonus of being an investor, said Goren“

Goren hopes to us his new role to uncover promising early stage companies the venture group may back.

“Having worked with Eric and David in the past, I couldn’t think of a better firm to be working with,” said Alon Goren.  “I can’t wait to bring Wavemaker with me as I invest in the communities that I have built through crowd invest summit and 805 startups.”

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  • “Mike” Phoenix AOA

    SMALL business needs a little attention too.

  • “Mike” Phoenix AOA

    Part 1

    from an earlier post.

    investment needed for Rural/Local Business Development.

    New Product Innovation & Development.
    Innovators Working together.

    This is just one of my thoughts I like to pass along,
    whenever I can and I think someone will listen.

    Thank you, for all you do, have done and will do in
    the future.

    We need Local Incubators for local
    Small Business Start ups. NOT TECH, tech has plenty of hand outs. Everything
    that they use (for tech) tables, chairs the bathroom they use are aided by
    tech. Tech is not needed, if makers don’t use it to make things.

    Business, the people that make the things we use every day.

    Small Businesses need to be invested in.

    Local Business = local jobs, from local
    labor pools = Local Positive Economic Impact, win – win.

    Local Incubators with National network
    connections i.e. Local (U.S.) Alibaba type networks.

    College, LISC, Local Economic Development Corp. and/or Private Investor Owned and with equipment for;
    Metal: Chop off saws, welders, tables, ect.
    Wood: Cup off saws, table saws, jig saws ect.
    Plastic: Same as above and 3D printers ect.
    Food Service: Full Kitchen equipment ect.
    Yard Area: for deliveries, material storage and parking of equipment (trucks ect).
    Business Services: Phone system, computers, printers, conference room ect. (services available to shops).
    Maybe these equipped shops could be leased with multiple leases by the day, week or month to help the small business start up for use as needed ?
    Each piece of equipment is not used every day in a small shop i.e. shared shop, shared equipment, more people getting more done for the same price. Win-win
    Maybe even some “on call” Part time help. Welders? Shop helpers? Machinist? Ect. Win-win-win.
    If we use existing empty buildings, REO Properties ect. Win-win-win-win.
    College Business Classes and Vocational Classes would have real world opportunity to practice what they are being taught.