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Educational Installment Platform Secures Millions in A-round Financing

On April 10th, Chinese leading installment financing platform for quality education announced that it had secured millions in an A-round financing. The investment was led by HG Capital and followed by Sina and Aplus Capital. was founded in June 2015 and is dedicated to offering financing choices for the quality education for children from 0-18-year-old. The platform offers a series of services and products including course presentation, LBS agencies search and free trial appointments. Users will be offered an online marketplace to choose high-quality education resources and pay for it with interest-free installments.

It is reported that has signed installment cooperation agreements with over 5,000 educational agencies. During 2017, has issued over 100-million-yuan in installment financing in Beijing. (Source: 01Caijing)

Zhejiang University to Offer “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” Courses

This week, the College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University announced that the college will offer “blockchain and cryptocurrency” courses in the second half of the year. The courses are open for senior undergraduates.

According to the college, the course will take students through the following aspects:

  1. Basic principles, technologies and applications of cryptocurrency;
  2. Analysis of the major blockchain platforms
  3. Analysis of the technical structure and development of Ethereum and HyperLedger;
  4. Analysis of enterprise-lever alliance-chain technology
  5. Introduction of blockchain application cases
  6. Trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

(Source: 36Kr)

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Taobao Fully Bans the Sale of Cryptocurrency, Mining Tutorials and Crypto Pets

On April 10th, Taobao released a notice to change the its sales ban. According to the notice, the change was mainly about the ban of cryptocurrency and related commodities. Prior to the change, Taobao only banned the sale of “Bitcoin, Litecoin and other related products”; after the change, the ban was expanded to “digital products and derivative services such as cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.”

The reason for the adjustment is that such cryptocurrency and similar digital products are prone to speculation and the risk of financing irregularities, and any organization must not provide services such as transactions, exchange, pricing, mediation, and payment. (Source: The Paper)

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JD Finance is expecting to Refinance over $2 Billion with Market Valuation of $20 Billion

According to a person with direct knowledge of the matter, JD Finance is nearing the closing of a new round of financing of over $2 billion (¥12.6 billion).

After this investment, the market valuation of JD Finance is expected to exceed $20 billion (¥126 billion).

However, this round of financing was not led by CICC and COFCO as rumored.

In fact, it is CHINA SECURITIES that led this financing, which was followed by Oriza Holdings and other institutional investors. (Source: WeiyangX)

[clickToTweet tweet=”After this investment, the market valuation of JD Finance is expected to exceed $20 billion (¥126 billion) #Fintech #China” quote=”After this investment, the market valuation of JD Finance is expected to exceed $20 billion (¥126 billion) #Fintech #China”]

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