EOS Blockchain Community Launches New Alliance to Facilitate Communication with Token Holders, Help Unlock EOS Potential

A group of EOS blockchain community members have banded together to create the EOS Alliance. This new group, which includes many well known names, is seeking to provide the broader EOS community with a platform for collaborative and transparent decision making, according to a release.

Initial board members of the EOS Alliance include:

  • Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and former partner at Block.one (EOS)
  • Galia Benartzi, co-founder of Bancor and LiquidEOS
  • Peter Li, founder of EOS Gravity, a community leader and Block Producer
  • Hai Feng, of EOS Store, an EOS Block Producer
  • Nix Nolledo, Philippine billionaire, founder of blockchain startup ODX
  • AKON, multi-platinum music artist and blockchain enthusiast
  • The group states that two observer seats have been established for representatives to be selected by the paid Block Producers via a mechanism to be decided by them.
  • There is also a seat reserved for special appointment, held in the interim by Lightning Clearwater III, also serving as the Alliance’s General Counsel

The Alliances states that this coordinating group “will further unlock the full potential of EOS, the world’s fastest governed blockchain, by providing a platform for collaborative, transparent decision-making and information-sharing within the EOS community.” The move was said to be endorsed by more than four dozen block producers as well

EOS Alliance has published a Mandate, outlined as follows:

The EOS Alliance states that it “will serve under its guiding vision of Empowering EOS For All to curate and coordinate various existing efforts within the EOS community.”

The Alliance will:

  • Facilitate multi-language conversations (initially in English, Korean and Chinese) and education around key ecosystem issues, debates and developments.
  • Refrain, in accordance with its bylaws (now being drafted), from gaining any executive power within EOS governance structures.
  • Facilitate discussion and help workgroups make clear recommendations.
  • As its first act, the EOS Alliance has already begun forming a series of working groups with diverse community participation to inform and advise on the ecosystem’s most challenging topics.

The EOS Alliance intends to have a fully elected board, to include members of diverse backgrounds and geographic regions, representing a variety of EOS community stakeholders and perspectives.

Staff initially will include interim Executive Director Thomas Cox, former Block.one VP of Product, Deputy Executive Director Myra Wang (Dan Wang), formerly of the influential Chinese community EOS Gravity, and Communications Director Kevin Wilcox, co-founder of EOS Go.

The group states that in its first six months, the Alliance will create a sustainability plan beginning with donations, events, memberships, content, trainings and more. All EOS Alliance financial information will be made publicly available.

Initial EOS Alliance Working Groups include:

  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
  • Communications
  • Code Management (GitHub)
  • Exchanges
  • Constitution Drafting & AdoptionMission: to curate an open process ensuring broad community participation in drafting, discussing, revising, and publishing at least two Constitution drafts for consideration by referendum.
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