Toronto-based Blockchain Firm Emerge to Provide DLT-enabled App to Help Track Coronavirus-related Activities in Latin America

A Canada-headquartered firm is using blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in the Latin American region.

Toronto-based blockchain firm Emerge has introduced a public safety system app, known as Civitas, in order to help local authorities in many countries.

As noted in the startup’s blog post, the Civitas app was developed to enhance safety and reduce store waiting times by discouraging gatherings in tight or crowded spaces, in order to lower “the probability of contagion.”

Emerge’s software solution works by associating users’ government-issued ID numbers with unique records managed on a DLT-based network. This helps government agencies with determining whether an individual should be approved for a permit to leave their residence.

If people report that they’re feeling sick or experiencing Coronavirus-like symptoms, then the Civitas app can assist with determining when would be the best and safest for them to leave their home to get essential items such as food and medicine.

Approximately a third, or 33%, of the nine million residents in Honduras have been under lockdown since last month. Many of these people reside in Tegucigalpa, the country’s capital city.

Local residents who don’t follow the quarantine guidelines will have to pay heavy fines and penalties if they leave their houses without a legitimate reason.

Civitas might be able to help physicians and other healthcare providers by allowing them to track Coronavirus symptoms. Doctors can use the app to provide notes which explain what type or treatment they’ve recommended to patients. This data would only be accessible to the patients themselves and their chosen healthcare provider, in order to ensure privacy.

Many countries throughout the world have been using innovative technologies to deal with the highly contagious Coronavirus.

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Community Development has been regularly using blockchain-enabled digital identity solutions and chat programs for the online authentication of certificates and various other official government documents. This approach eliminates the need for people having to leave their homes to get documents signed and authenticated.

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