Flexa Announces “Pay With Flex” Option For Instant Online Bitcoin & Digital Currencies Acceptance



Flexa, a global network uniting retail and blockchain technologies, announced on Wednesday its digital currency acceptance offering to include a suite of eCommerce plug-ins that enable merchants to accept digital currencies via their online retail channels instantly and with guaranteed zero fraud.

Flexa claims it offers a simple and straightforward checkout experience using the new “Pay with Flexa” button, which accelerates spending for various digital currencies that are currently supported on the Flexa network. Like all Flexa payments, online transactions made with Flexa are authorized and guaranteed in less than a second—for the fastest, most fraud-proof online payment option available.

“The Pay with Flexa experience preserves the security and privacy of digital currency payments by leveraging the existing verification systems of the underlying blockchains (e.g., proof-of-work consensus) in tandem with Flexa’s proprietary collateralization platform, powered by Amp.”

Tyler Spalding, Co-Founder and CEO of Flexa, spoke about the option by stating:

“Since launching Flexa just over two years ago as the first-ever digital currency payment option for brick-and-mortar retail, we’ve scaled to support more than 41,000 merchant locations across the US. With Flexa, anyone has been able to use digital currencies—including cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital tokens—for a variety of everyday purchases, including everything from coffee to beauty and from pet supplies to apparel and more. And now today, we’ve dramatically expanded the reach of Flexa-powered payments, enabling instant, affordable payment acceptance for virtually any merchant with an online storefront.”

Flexa went on to add that in addition to launching support for the Pay with Flexa button online through eight new Flexa Connect plug-ins, the network is also announcing support for two more merchant-friendly payment paradigms, including instant digital currency payments at the fuel pump through its existing relationship with NCR, and instant digital currency payments in restaurants and bars through a new relationship with Rooam.

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