High-Performance Blockchain Telos (TLOS) Makes Upgrades to its Ethereum Virtual Machine

Telos (TLOS), which is one of the fastest blockchains according to Blocktivity data, reveals in its bi-weekly technical update report that they’ve made some upgrades to the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The Telos development team notes that this will be their final technical update “focusing purely on the Telos EVM.” Beginning in around two weeks’ time, they’ll be releasing “general technical updates on the work going into all Telos products,” the announcement confirmed.

As mentioned in the update:

“We’ve upgraded the Telos EVM Contract and the RPC. The explorer is now live on testnet for potential partners to use. At this point, the Telos EVM is considered Feature Complete, the contract is considered Code Complete and all that’s left is for the RPC to receive some performance optimizations, as the Hyperion team finalizes their work.”

This update means potential partners are able to begin running the tests required for launch, soon after the mainnet has gone live.

As noted in the announcement:

“With the Telos EVM reaching both Feature and Code Completeness, we’re gearing up for mainnet launch. The Telos EVM smart contract and RPC server are already passing 100% of extensive test suits from Truffle, Hardhat and OpenZeppelin, the leading and most comprehensive testing of Ethereum code.”

The Telos developers also mentioned that they wanted to take things “a step further” in order to give projects and users “peace of mind in both the Telos EVM’s power and reliability.”

They’re now pleased to confirm that they’ve teamed up with the leading auditing agency Sentnl! Their team will be conducting an extensive audit and fuzz test of the Telos EVM Smart Contract and their specific RPC server. They are “well-versed” in Telos native tech and have a lot of experience working with various other industry EVMs. They’ve also worked on major industry initiatives and helped to address security issues within different types of smart contracts.

According to the announcement from Telos, all of this makes them the ideal fit for such a “unique and ground-breaking” development as the Telos EVM. You may check below for details and to find out more about the auditing team that’s working “behind the scenes” to ensure the Telos EVM is ready for “mass adoption.”

Guido Vranken (Code Fuzzer)

  • Found 10 Vulnerabilities in EOSIO, awarded $100K in one day from block.one
  • Found vulnerabilities in Stellar, Ripple and ETH
  • Discovered and reported multiple CVEs & zero-day exploits.
  • Creator of Cryptofuzz

Charles Holtzkampf (Founder)

  • Part of team behind EOS mainnet launch.
  • Member of GhostbustersX
  • OSCP
  • Specialises in Building teams

Michael Fletcher (C++ security)

  • Solidity & C++ Developer
  • Specialises in EOSIO smart contracts & EOSJS
  • Core developer of Chintai
  • Bitcoin core developer

As noted by the Telos team, the Telos EVM launch is unique because “unlike other scalable EVMs, which are a fork of the original Go Ethereum (GETH) code, the Telos EVM is an entirely new EVM, implemented from the ground up on much faster technology.” Because of this, the Telos EVM “won’t run into the same scaling issues other EVMs are facing” and the Telos EVM will also “reveal internal transactions and should deliver all the same information users would expect of any EVM.”

Being so unique, the launch is also “a different process,” the announcement explained. That’s why we’ve “brought in some industry experts to facilitate an in-depth audit before everything goes live,” the Telos team noted.

This last step will also “help bring in projects, partners or users who may have been sitting on the sidelines up until this point” and the team is already hard at work, “having gotten started on the audit several days ago.”

After the audit is complete and the Hyperion updates are finalized, the Telos EVM will be “set for mainnet launch.”

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