AliianceBlock Unveils Product Roadmap

AllianceBlock, the chain-agnostic protocol, has today unveiled a new technical roadmap. It outlines the upcoming milestones that will bring AllianceBlock’s vision of bridging the gap between DeFi and traditional finance closer by remedying issues that exist in both spheres and linking the two worlds of finance together.

Under AllianceBlock’s new technical roadmap, the company plans to release a comprehensive product suite. In the past twelve months, the team has released solutions for decentralized interoperability, white-label liquidity mining campaigns, and trustless user identification. These products have already been extended to some of the world’s top protocols including Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Elrond in a series of partnerships as well as strategic collaborations.

“We pride ourselves on being the first users of our own solutions,” AllianceBlock co-founder and CEO Rachid Ajaja said. “As DeFi veterans, we’ve spotted real challenges in the industry and used our product development to actively address them. At the same time, in the past 12 months we have seen monumental changes in institutional attitudes towards the digital asset industry from all facets of the global financial system and beyond. 

“What the industry is still lacking is a stable channel to enable banks to trade digital assets legally, safely, securely, and in a fully compliant manner. That’s where AllianceBlock steps in. The release of our technical roadmap marks a new phase in our journey to bridge decentralized and traditional finance. Our team deals in real-world solutions, not just theory and we look forward to reaching new milestones, launching new products and upgrades, and making our vision a reality over the coming months.”

The products and milestones laid out in AllianceBlock’s technical roadmap are designed specifically to address the challenges faced by projects operating at the new intersection of traditional and decentralized finance. To counteract these challenges, AllianceBlock has designed a unique product suite, consisting of three layers: the DeFi Layer, the Data Layer and the Regulatory and Compliance Layer.

In the DeFi Layer AllianceBlock offers cross-chain interoperability with AllianceBlock Bridge, white-label liquidity campaigns with AllianceBlock LMaaS (Liquidity Mining as a Service) and aims to reduce the impermanent loss for traders with AllianceBlock DEX.  Additionally, AllianceBlock Fundrs gives users access to a peer-to-peer lending protocol with a comprehensive data analytics dashboard for use in DeFi strategizing through AllianceBlock Terminal, the “Bloomberg of DeFi”.

In the Data Layer, AllianceBlock helps DeFi projects and traditional finance players to monetize and leverage mass amounts of data they produce through the AllianceBlock Data Tunnel. In the Regulatory and Compliance Layer, AllianceBlock enables DeFi projects, protocols and DEXs to introduce scalable compliance frameworks that help them grow with regulation and open doors to institutional players to participate in DeFi with AllianceBlock TIDV (Trustless Identity Verification) and the AllianceBlock Cross-Border Regulatory Compliance Rules Engine.

DeFi projects need access to new liquidity and investment opportunities which AllianceBlock will provide through LMaaS, AllianceDEX, and Fundrs. At the same time, the industry cannot compromise on KYC compliance. 

AllianceBlock addresses this through its Trustless IDentity Verification (TIDV) framework. Once DeFi operates in this way, the company believes it will invite vast investment from traditional financial institutions. DeFi projects of all sizes will be able to benefit from decentralized and scalable interoperability through AllianceBridge, which will also serve as the connector between AllianceBlock’s partners, clients, and extensive product suite. Finally, the vast amounts of valuable data they produce will be leveraged via the AllianceBlock Data Tunnel.

“With years of first-hand experience, our team knows the barriers traditional financial institutions are facing when it comes to accessing DeFi,” AllianceBlock co-founder and CTO Matthijs de Vries added. “We have built a protocol and supporting products aimed at empowering legacy financial institutions by solving those problems and providing compliant access to innovative DeFi investment opportunities. We know traditional finance has standards. Our goal is to build these DeFi products with those standards built-in, so players can save time, money, and increase efficiency without the need to worry about compliance. Our plan is ambitious, but so are we. We look forward to reaching new milestones and bringing our roadmap to life.”

Over the past three years, AllianceBlock has signed agreements with such influential industry players as Chainlink, Hedera Hashgraph, Ava Labs, Avalanche, Elrond, Ocean Protocol, Injective Protocol, Orion Protocol, and Edgeware, while also joining the London Stock Exchange Group Partner Platform.

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