NFTs: Gemini Updates Nifty Gateway to Offer the “Best” UI and UX in NFT Space

Digital assets firm Gemini recently revealed that they’ve introduced the new Nifty Gateway design, which should give creators and collectors an “incredible” new interface and experience.

The Gemini team believes this “monumental overhaul” will be a “game changer” for collectors. Their aim is to give Nifty Gateway “the best UI and UX” in the non-fungible tokens or NFT space.

Here’s what the Gemini team is excited about:

  • A complete overhaul of our UI and UX designed by top Silicon Valley design firm Metalab
  • A ‘Featured Collections’ section
  • Improved layouts and designs for presenting NFTs (or nifties)
  • New statistics for each creator, collection, and nifty
  • More filters to easily browse our ‘Marketplace’ section

As stated in the announcement:

“Our redesign will help to further unleash the power of the Nifty Gateway community by allowing you to seamlessly explore, experience, and ultimately buy, sell, and resell nifties. In addition, we have focused on building elements that foster liquidity and discovery in our secondary market to help you find great projects and empower creators to reach a greater audience.”

To that end, the Gemini team is also excited for the Secondary Summer Slam, which was a 2-day event that was announced on August 24 and lasted through August 26 at 1pm ET. It rewarded the top 150 spenders on Nifty Gateway’s secondary market.

As confirmed in the update from Gemini, winners may “receive exclusive nifties by major artists, physicals, and Nifty Gateway merchandise, available for the first time ever.” All Nifty Gateway collectors will be “winners during the Summer Slam event, as we will rebate Nifty Gateway’s fees on nifties sold during that window,” the announcement revealed.

With Gemini team’s new design, they can’t wait to “empower both new and experienced collectors with statistics and more ways to discover nifties, with the goal of ultimately helping every collector find the nifty that’s right for them.”

The digital assets firm also revealed in a separate update:

“At Gemini, we are committed to ensuring you have all the tools you need to seamlessly build your crypto portfolio and invest in your future. Central to that mission is our effort to consistently improve Gemini’s Customer Support operations. We’ve re-launched the Gemini Help Center to provide you with more robust tools to help you easily onboard, manage your account, trade crypto, and much more.”

The company confirmed that they continue to scale their Customer Support team to “address your account questions quickly.” Their response times have “improved to at most 24 hours and we are continuously improving our Support Services.”

For more details on this update, check here.

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