Gaia EverWorld Acquires Polygon Grant, Partners With Binance for NFT Initiatives

Following a seed round, the Gaia EverWorld team has announced an NFT sale via a collaboration with the Binance NFT marketplace, as well as securing a grant from the Polygon Foundation, and “completed a successful IDO.”

The land sale will “allow Gaia EverWorld to claim its position in the Metaverse.”

Blockchain gaming is one of the “hottest industries” today, and Gaia EverWorld aims to “claim its position in this segment.”

The project leverages non-fungible token or NFT tech to “embrace the play-to-earn model and explore opportunities in the Metaverse.” It is built on the Polygon technology stack, “allowing for better scaling and more efficient transactions. Players can build kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed, and battle,” the announcement noted.

The “fully-immersive” blockchain game lets players “own in-game characters, dubbed Gaias, and other items in the game world,” the update explained.

Players are able to explore a multi-realm world “with numerous game modes.” Gaias will level up throughout the game, “allowing them to become more powerful and potentially gain value. Additionally, players can breed Gaias using $Gaia and the Gaia Gold, or $GG tokens.”

Both tokens will be “freely tradeable across centralized and decentralized exchanges,” the announcement confirmed.

The Gaia EverWorld team made “a snapshot of users with an Unilayer token balance to airdrop GAIA tokens.”

As noted in the update, that process “entices players to explore this multi-chain blockchain game and offers support to early adopters.” Coinciding with the airdrop snapshot, the team introducced the Gaia Elite Club. Entry into the Club “requires a Gaia NFT and provides access to exclusive merchandise,” the update noted.

As the Gaia Everworld ecosystem continues to evolve, “it attracts attention” and that attention became apparent “during the team’s various IDOs across BSC Station, Seedify, Bullperks, Enjinstarter, and Unilayer.”

All sales sold out quickly, with GAIA tokens “priced at $0.16 each.” The token’ś value “hit $4.5 on the MEXC exchange, providing a 28x ROI for early investors.”

Gaia EverWorld also acquired a grant from the Polygon Foundation, “further confirming the anticipation surrounding this play-to-earn blockchain game.”

Binance NFT will “exclusively support the upcoming Gaia Elite Club NFT collection.”

Additionally, the collaboration paves the way for “bringing the GAIA token to the Binance Smart Chain and enhancing the utility of these NFTs.” The land sale for this blockchain game “is its entry into the Metaverse.”

Earlier this year, Gaia EverWorld completed a seed funding round of $3.7 million from various blockchain investors including AU21, BSCStation, Aussie Capital, Basics Capital, Panda Capital, and Exnetwork.

Gaia Everworld claims to be a part of the next-generation of gaming being “built on the blockchain.”

It gives players complete ownership of their in-game characters, and “rewards them for engaging in ‘play-to-earn’ models of gaming.”

Gaia Everworld is an immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players “can create their own kingdoms, explore different lands, while collecting, breeding, and battling other players, referred to as the Gaia Legionnaires.”

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