Utrust Teams Up with Elrond to “Take Over” the Web3 Payments Sector

The team at Utrust notes that if you’ve been following them for a while, then you will know that they are “not fond of overly hyping [their] announcements.”

Utrust claims that they are “focused on delivering, not fanfare.” The company writes in a blog post that they are “in it to create real and lasting change, and sometimes that means a little restraint.”

The team revealed that they have achieved (what they consider to be) “some truly great things” in a very short time with Utrust. They’re now “proud to say [they] have created the crypto payment gateway with the finest UX/UI in the world.”

As explained in the update, it “works with any wallet.” It reportedly supports all major digital commerce integrations. Utrust users know they have their own wallet. It comes with “an exchange, a VISA card, and banking connectivity that complies with evolving regulations.”

The team acknowledged that it hasn’t always been easy, but “in under four years,” they claim to have  “onboarded tens of thousands of businesses and customers.” They have reportedly “grown over 1700% just in the last year.”

Their team has grown from “just a few people to a little under 50 amazing professionals, with solid backgrounds and incredible advisors.” Utrust further noted that they have “always remained transparent.”

And their community has grown alongside them.

As noted in the update, the Elrond and Utrust teams “are uniting.” The update clarified that this “is not just a partnership, this is a real union.” Their teams and products are “all coming together, and [they] will work as one to push crypto payments.”

This is their original mission, the firms noted while adding that they want to serve everyone.

As explained in the update, Utrust was created to “circumvent the gatekeepers of traditional institutions and allow everyone to manage their own financial life.” It’s meant to help “the massive corporations to the individuals all around the world who are underserved by outdated technologies and processes.”

With Elrond, the Utrust team plans to enhance their tech capabilities, “deliver faster and better.”

As mentioned in the announcement:

“We will be stronger (yes, even stronger!) and have resources that quite simply weren’t within our reach before. The Elrond team is extremely powerful, and they have the exact same mindset we have: all about delivering. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you are big or small, an engineer or someone that doesn’t understand the blockchain at all, Elrond and Utrust will make digital money and decentralized finance work for you.”

The update also revealed that in the next twelve months, they will be focused on taking over European crypto payments.

As confirmed in the update, Elrond has acquired Twispay, an e-money (meaning VISA, Mastercard, etc.) solution that is “licensed to operate across multiple countries, which will allow [them] to expand [their] financial product offerings alongside the licenses [they] already have and the ones [they] are currently applying to.”

This means “growing further into new markets as well, from America to Asia.” The team also noted that they are “focused on the big picture and strategy.”

For more details on this update, check here.

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