Telos (TLOS) Blockchain Joins Bloktopia’s Metaverse

Telos Blockchain (Tlos) has reportedly become a virtual tenant of Bloktopia and is currently organizing to “put that space to good work.”

Telos (TLOS) tokens are trading at $0.774674 and they have a market cap of just over $200 million at the time of writing (according to CoinGecko data).

With Bloktopia now ready to launch its Alpha, the Telos team will be able “to use the space as a virtual meeting room for all its AMAs (ask me anything – meetings).”

As mentioned in an update shared with CI, Telos has “plenty to talk about” regarding its recently launched Ethereum Virtual Machine (tEVM), its decentralized file storage system (dStor), its roadmap and a Metaverse environment just “seems like the perfect setting for these talks.” After all, both the tEVM and dStor can and will be “used to power the needs of Web 3.0 based dApps.”

Justin Giudici, Acting CEO at Telos Foundation, stated:

“Bloktopia’s metaverse is a positive step in Web 3.0 adoption and the Telos team is eager to jump in feet first. This is just the beginning of a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and this is just the first step of our grand metaverse ambitions.”

Telos is described aa a 3rd Generation, ESG compliant layer 1 blockchain that has “been executing energy-efficient smart contracts uninterrupted since 2018.”

Every transfer on the Telos Network “uses less than 0.000002 kWh of energy per transaction and costs end users zero to near zero in gas fees.”

Telos can “generate blocks / smart contracts for Solidity, Native C++ and Vyper faster than any other chain.” The network’s core strength “stems from its tight use of C++ and custom Wasm runtime environment.” It is “super-efficient” and is “one of the main reasons why Web 3.0 dApps can deliver instant transactions while using Telos.”

Telos is reportedly capable of sustainably “delivering hundreds of millions of almost fee-less transactions per day before any future sharding / rollups.”

The Metaverse will need “this level of capacity to thrive,” the update noted while adding that  Telos’ current capacity “is sufficient to handle the transaction needs of every single existing layer 1 chain, including all their future forecasted growth for the next decade.”

With any one of the following third-party comparisons, one can see for themselves “some of the proven strengths of Telos,” the developers claim.

Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Fantom and Telos vs the Clock
Telos vs Fantom
Telos vs Avalanche vs Binance Smart Chain vs Ethereum

For Web 3.0 commerce and entertainment to thrive, dApps require speed, capacity, affordability, energy efficiency, decentralization and “even decentralized file storage.”

P2P file storage is “precisely why Telos dStor was developed.”

dStor is “a decentralized peer-to-peer cloud-based file storage system that is fully integrated into the Telos architecture.”

With dStor, individual users, collectors, digital graphic artists, musicians, filmmakers and gaming companies “can store all their digital Web 3.0 content seamlessly and simultaneously.” As explained in the update, this storage capability “is available in all global regions, in a decentralized environment and for prices far lower than conventional services that only have single-region availability.”

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