Embed Raises $4.5 Million for New Decentralized Protocol, Targeting the Metaverse

Incubated by Node.Capital, ​​Embed has raised $4.5 million in a seed investment co-led by North Island Ventures and Aleph, with participation from DCG, Distributed Global and Morningstar Ventures, according to the company.

Embed is an aspiring decentralized marketing solution that connects brands, creators, collections, and NFT holders. The protocol aims to help marketers reach new audiences. Unlike the Embed holds a mission to deliver a new way for brands to build affinity with audiences and forge connections with communities in Web 3.

“We believe that Web3 is the next frontier for big brands, and Embed is enabling these brands to build communities in entirely new ways. We’re thrilled to back this great project, which is reinventing marketing for the next generation of the internet,”  commented Travis Scher, MP at North Island Ventures.

Roi Sagi, Co-contributor at Embed said that copy-pasting the marketing tactics from web2 to web3 won’t work:

“In web3, there are no cookies, IP is distributed and user data is not owned by a closed platforms: the blockchain infrastructure itself is different – so there is a need for an updated marketing approach: we are entering the age of communities.”

Embed says that traditional marketing of using lead generating to convert customers is not applicable for Web3. In a decentralized Web3 ecosystem where IP is distributed, users are not required to log in and ad inventory is not controlled by centralized platforms, the mechanics of the marketing funnel no longer apply. Embed’s technology seeks to reimagine marketing in the metaverse to create long-term relationships with their audience, raise awareness, and build communities in the Metaverse.

Embed is supported by a diverse group of Advisors, including Marc Mathieu, VP of Strategic Customer Transformation and Innovation at Salesforce, Amos Meiri, Co-Founder of Colu and Colored Coins, Sosti Ropaitis, Executive VP at Media Link, and Shahf Bar Gefen, CEO at COTI Group, Michael Amar, Co-Host of Paris NFT Day and Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

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