Digital Banking: Brazil’s C6 Bank Offers Free Monthly Payments via Atoms C6 Platinum Points Plan

C6 Bank has an “exclusive” promotion for new subscribers to the Atoms C6 Platinum points accelerator plan.

Customers of the C6 Platinum card who subscribe to the points accelerator plan “will have the monthly fee charged for the first three months reversed in the following month.”

The promotion is “valid for those who sign up for the Atoms C6 Platinum points accelerator plan until May 31.”

From the fourth month onwards, customers of the C6 Platinum card can also “waive the plan’s monthly fee if they have an average monthly expense of R$4,000 on their credit card.”

The Atom Points Program “is C6 Bank‘s loyalty program.”

With it, the customer who uses the C6 card or the C6 Platinum card “accumulates 0.03 points on all debit purchases and 0.05 points on credit purchases.” Customers with a C6 Carbon card “earn 2.5 points for every dollar spent on the credit function.”

Admission to the program “is free and Atoms points do not expire, that is, the customer does not pay anything and can accumulate points for as long as he wants before exchanging them for advantages and benefits.”

Customers who want to accumulate Atom points faster “can hire one of the accelerator plans available.”

With the C6 Platinum Plan, the customer “accumulates 0.10 Atom points in debit and 0.40 Atom points in credit (eight times more than normal).”

After accumulating Átomos points, customers “can transfer them to partner airlines or exchange them for airline tickets, cashback with money in the account or more than 60,000 products and services available at the C6 Store, the virtual store located inside the application. from the bank.”

It is also possible “to use the accumulated Atoms points to pay for credit card purchases with the Pay with Points feature, known abroad as PWR, an acronym for Pay With Rewards, which arrived in Brazil exclusively at C6 Bank in partnership with Mastercard.”

As with the accumulation of points, it is “not necessary to wait for the closing of the invoice to use the benefit.”

It is possible to use Pay with Points immediately “after approval of the purchase on the credit card, when the transaction appears on the card’s timeline.”

Just access the cards timeline and “exchange points.” The amount will be “credited to the open invoice or the next invoice.”

The C6 Platinum card also has Mastercard benefits “for the Platinum variant, such as travel insurance, car rental protection, concierge service and corkage exemption at select restaurants.”

Customers eligible for the C6 Platinum card can also “request a free tag and a free additional card, generate a virtual card to make online purchases more securely, make withdrawals and free TED, in addition to having access to a complete investment platform in the C6 Bank.”

In another recent update,  C6 Bank noted that their customers can “have two months of free use of the C6 Account Insurance.”

The product, offered in partnership with Zurich, “is the bank’s most recent launch in the insurance segment and offers protection in case of transactions carried out under threat, coercion, kidnapping, robbery or qualified theft.”

All active bank customers “can participate in the campaign, including legal entities and those who already have insurance.”

For new hires, “the first installment will be refunded within seven days and the second will be exempt.”

From the third month onwards, the customer “is billed according to the contracted modality.”

The condition “is valid until August.”

Customers who already have the C6 Conta Insurance contracted “will also be exempt from the monthly fee for two months.”

Fabio Basilone, head of insurance at C6 Bank, said:

“We launched the C6 Conta Insurance free campaign so that customers can count on additional protection for their in-app and card transactions.”

Each customer can “customize the C6 Conta Insurance offer according to their needs, with the minimum amount varying according to the card used.”

The monthly fee “starts at R$1 for customers with a C6 card, R$3 for those with the C6 Platinum card and R$5 for those with the C6 Carbon card.”

The product “covers losses arising from transactions via Pix, credit and debit purchases and withdrawals made under threat, coercion, kidnapping, in addition to purchases made with a stolen card. Coverage takes effect 24 hours after hiring.”

To contract or to open a claim, simply “follow the instructions in the application at C6 Bank.”

In addition to offering patrimonial assistance, Seguro C6 Conta “offers psychological assistance to victims of robbery, theft, threat, coercion or kidnapping, in an initiative aimed at providing emotional support in situations of violence.”

Seguro C6 Conta “is one of the tools that the bank offers to reinforce customers’ digital security. In case of loss, theft or theft, it is possible to block the card directly in the app.”

The bank also “makes a free virtual card available to all customers and recommends its use for online purchases.”

Another feature is “the automatic blocking of the account by the call center. In addition, C6 Bank adopts facial biometrics to authenticate cash outflow financial transactions from the account.”

This additional layer of protection “is triggered according to rules pre-established by the bank, which includes a series of variables.”

The request “takes place in TEDs, TEFs, Pix or value payments.”

To increase security, it is also “recommended to configure maximum values ​​for transactions with Pix, through the limit manager on D+1.”

With it, the customer can “set a default limit for their Pix transactions, blocking attempts to transfer amounts above this limit.”

The limit increase “is done manually by the customer and takes one business day to become available.”

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