Reltime, Triskel Capital Form Web3, Metaverse Partnership in Latin America

Reltime AS, which claims to be “disruptive” global Web3 and Metaverse financial technology company, and Triskel Capital Ltd. have entered into a long-term strategic partnership “to change the way people and businesses in Latin America financially interact and transact.”

Together with Reltime as its “next-generation” strategic partner, Triskel aims at putting financial power and freedom “squarely in the hands of the people—regardless of income, background, gender, race, ethnicity, banked, unbanked or underbanked status—as well as merchants and businesses.”

Without any middlemen, they will be able to:

  • Seamlessly create their own personal or merchant account using a mobile app, completely free of charge.
  • Move and send money as well as pay and get paid, almost instantly (between 2-3 seconds to/from 150 countries), cheaper (at a fraction of the cost) and more securely.
  • Lend, borrow (with or without collateral and interest) and earn money to/from their phone contacts or on Reltime’s global marketplace.
  • Create joint accounts with family and friends.
  • Swap digital assets with anyone in the world.
  • Do more with money—anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Peter Michel Heilmann, CEO, Reltime, said:

“Triskel and Reltime are a perfect match. Both our companies are at the forefront of an exciting new Web3 and Metaverse movement and revolution. Building a relationship of trust, hand in hand, Triskel and Reltime are introducing game-changing products, services and solutions that we hope will win the hearts and trust of millions of people and businesses throughout Latin America. This truly is a unique moment in time to partner up with Triskel in this exciting, dynamic and growing continent.”

Illiane Caballero, CEO and co-founder, Triskel Capital, remarked:

“We are exhilarated to be strategically collaborating with Reltime. This newly-formed partnership aims at revolutionising the way we in Latin America conduct our financial transactions. Together, we are going to offer unique, game-changing and hard-needed Web3 financial solutions to anyone—people, merchants, entrepreneurs and companies— in Latin America wishing to take back control of their finances and enjoy complete financial freedom.”

As mentioned in the announcement, Reltime and Triskel are keen on “working closely with other Latin American partners on the ground in order to penetrate the various markets more rapidly.”

Furthermore, Triskel will be “offering Reltime’s FastTrack to Web3 to companies such as a telecommunications firms, trusted brands, financial service providers and other B2B2C partners, enabling them to build their own integrated, white-labelled, state-of-the-art Web3 financial ecosystem within three weeks.”

In addition, Reltime announced that it is “developing and will soon be launching its Decentralized Exchange (DEX), cutting out any middlemen and providing businesses, traders and producers anywhere in the world with freedom and attractive benefits through peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, swapping, pooling, winning and farming of digital assets, commodities, precious metals and foreign exchange world-wide.”

The Reltime DEX could, for example, be “used as a truly easy-to-use platform for Latin American cocoa producers to trade their quality beans directly with buyers on the other side of the planet, without the interference of any intermediaries.”

The global technology company from Norway is also “developing the world’s first all-in-one Web3 and Metaverse payment, identity and cold storage biometric card.”

Headquartered in Oslo, Reltime is “building a global movement to change the way people and businesses financially interact and transact.”

Protecting their identity and assets in a completely new way, Reltime has “built the first global Web3 financial ecosystem atop its Layer 1, Proof of Authority blockchain.”

Reltime offers white-labelled B2B2C, Metaverse and Web3 solutions “to telecommunications, financial service providers and other trusted partners from around the globe.”

With wholly-owned subsidiaries in Norway, Lithuania and El Salvador, Reltime has a global license to hold digital assets on behalf of customers and third parties.

Reltime’s goal is by 2025 for 100 million people and enterprises “to be financially free and do more with money by sending, receiving, withdrawing, depositing, borrowing, lending, earning, swapping, staking, trading, interacting and transacting on the Metaverses and in the real world, and to become the leading, preferred and trusted financial Metaverse partner for both people and businesses.”

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