MyMetaverse, Enjin Bring Polkadot’s “Playable” NFTs to Gaming Servers

The “first” in-game NFTs have been minted on Efinity with the launch of the MetaHome NFT collection, immediately usable in MyMetaverse’s full suite of games.

MyMetaverse, a game development company specializing in creator-led metaverses with play-and-earn economies, “ensured that on launch, the NFTs perform different functions in three different games.”

The MetaHome NFTs “offer unique gameplay utility in every world they’re recognized.”

In Infinity Auto, a MyMetaverse Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 server, they “take the form of a rare vehicle; in Survival Infinity, a MyMetaverse Minecraft server, they become a special sword.”

MyMetaverse is one of the ecosystem partners to be “granted early access to make NFTs available on Efinity, with a range of projects waiting to be onboarded over the coming weeks.”

Enjin, the ecosystem for integrating NFTs into virtual worlds, is “helping build Efinity, a parachain built on Polkadot and designed to enable fast and affordable NFT transactions.”

The launch of NFTs on Efinity, a scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring NFTs to everyone, “is a significant milestone for Enjin and the next generation of blockchains built on Polkadot.”

Simon Kertonegoro, CEO and founder of MyMetaverse, commented:

“We believe the most valuable NFTs will be those that have the greatest impact on people’s everyday experiences. With utility in three separate games, the MetaHome collection is an exploration of blockchain-enabled, cross-game interoperability. Thanks to Enjin’s toolkit, it is now the first playable NFT within the Polkadot ecosystem.”

In addition to the GTA 5 and Minecraft servers, the MetaHome collection is “already functional in other MyMetaverse titles, including the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Infinity Realms.”

MyMetaverse leverages Enjin’s Open Platform “to integrate the MetaHome NFT collection across its gaming servers.”

Witek Radomski, Enjin’s CTO and Co-founder commented:

“Enjin aims to be the NFT highway connecting game studios and their users onto the blockchain. Leveraging Enjin’s comprehensive suite of tools and the scalability of the Efinity parachain, we are excited to collaborate with MyMetaverse to integrate NFTs into AAA games such as GTA 5––allowing gamers to own digital collectibles within their favorite games.”

An exclusive set of game studios currently “have access to the Efinity development platform, following the official launch in March.”

The latest adopters “include Square Enix and Entropia Universe, who join an ecosystem of 100+ gaming studios that are building on Efinity before it is released to the wider development community.”

Enjin has also been “building a blockchain explorer, wallet, marketplace, and various developer tools to support the growth of Efinity.”

Founded in 2018, MyMetaverse is “a games library where players can discover NFT-powered, play-and-earn experiences.”

The platform is built to “enable games to adopt NFTs with ease and for players to conveniently access those games.”

The MyMetaverse team “decided to optimize the platform for mainstream adoption by building their own mainstream games and tailoring the platform to suit their needs.” MyMetaverse’s in-house games “include Infinity Realms (an MMO), Infinity Auto (a GTA 5 Server), and Survival Infinity (a Minecraft Server).”

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