Blockchain Intelligence Group Adds Cardano, Stacks Blockchain Support

Blockchain Intelligence Group, a key player focused on blockchain investigations, owned by BIGG Digital Assets, Inc. (CSE: BIGG), announced the availability of the Cardano and Stacks blockchains on its platform, which “provides crypto firms, law enforcement, banks and government intelligence and security for cryptocurrency transactions.”

Lance Morginn, president at Blockchain Intelligence Group, said:

“Blockchain Intelligence Group, Cardano and Stacks share a vision of the future of cryptocurrency’s global adoption, utility, and interoperability. Our partnership demonstrates Blockchain Intelligence Group as a global leader in crypto investigations and intelligence.”

Cardano is “a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that combines pioneering technologies and provides unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems and communities.”

With the goal to restore trust in global systems, the Cardano network creates “a more secure, transparent, and sustainable foundation for individuals to transact, exchange systems to govern, and for enterprises to grow.”

Frederik Gregaard, CEO at the Cardano Foundation, stated:

“The safety and security of the Cardano ecosystem is one of our greatest priorities. The support that Blockchain Intelligence Group provides enables institutions within the Cardano ecosystem to explore, validate, and verify transactions, metadata, and other flows. This gives Blockchain Intelligence Group clients the opportunity to monitor, use, and adopt the world’s leading smart contracting platform with confidence and, as such, enables them to adopt the multiple features and enhancements blockchains offer for enterprises and regulated market participants.”

Stacks, a decentralized Bitcoin layer for smart contracts, is “linked to Bitcoin by its consensus mechanism – called Proof of Transfer.”

Stacks leverages Bitcoin’s security and enables Stacks applications “to use Bitcoin’s state and the latest proposals endeavor to unlock trustless Bitcoin write ability and transactions secured by 100% of Bitcoin’s hash power.” Stacks claims it is already “the #1 Web3 project on Bitcoin and is continuing to build out the functionalities of Bitcoin in layers.”

Mitchell Cuevas, Head of Growth at Stacks Foundation, said:

“The Stacks Foundation works to unlock new use cases for a diverse ecosystem of developers and entrepreneurs. Security and compliance have been hallmarks of the Stacks project since early on, going back to the SEC-qualified sale. The industry is currently learning and re-learning how important these fundamentals are to our collective survival going forward. Blockchain Intelligence Group’s integration is another critical step forward for Stacks because it provides new tools through which builders can manage risk and provide transparency for their users.”

Blockchain Intelligence Group’s BitRank Verified® “provides fast, easy, and accurate real-time monitoring and scoring of transactions and wallets to prevent transactions with bad actors and sanctioned entities.”

It enables blockchains like Cardano and Stacks “to deliver interoperability advancements while extending these capabilities to any blockchain that uses Zero-Knowledge Proofs.”

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