Brazil’s C6 Bank Offers 500+ Funds via an Investment Platform Integrated into its App

C6 Bank has again expanded the investment options available to its clients.

Now, there are reportedly more than 500 funds listed on C6 Invest, the investment platform that is within the bank’s application. Among the options “are fixed income, equity, multimarket, currency and crypto funds, in addition to mutual funds and hedge funds available to C6 Global Invest clients.”

Igor Rongel, head of investments at C6 Bank, said:

“Mutual funds are a good option for investors who prefer to outsource the choice of assets to a professional manager. Increasing this number, we offer an increasingly complete investment shelf for our customers in the same application where they already have a checking account, control their credit card bills, pay bank slips and make Pix.”

In all, C6 Bank customers “can invest directly in more than 300 options available in the “Funds” area within C6 Invest.” There, they can find assets “with immediate liquidity or with longer terms and initial investments of amounts from R$ 20.”

Among the types of funds available “are eight options for ESG funds, an acronym in English that refers to the adoption of good environmental, social and corporate governance practices, which have become increasingly popular among companies and investors, and two unique funds with quantitative management, that is, managed by algorithms that perform frequent rebalancing in search of greater profitability.”

At C6 Global Invest, it has a dollar balance that “allows it to invest in international assets and is also available within the bank’s investment platform, in addition to shares, ADRs, ETFs and REITs traded on the Nasdaq and NYSE, the client finds more than 200 mutual fund and hedge fund options.”

Mutual funds are professionally managed financial vehicles that “pool funds from multiple investors to buy stocks, bonds, REITs, and other foreign assets.”

Hedge funds are funds “managed by professional managers who use a variety of strategies, including leverage and investments in non-traditional assets to obtain returns on investments above the market average.”

Prior to the C6 Bank offering, it was necessary “:to open an account at a foreign brokerage or bank to gain access to this type of international asset.”

Even in the private banking segment, access to hedge funds, for example, “was restricted, as they were funds with few funding windows and limited focus on retail clients.”

At C6 Global Invest, however, C6 Bank customers “are just a few taps away from investing in these assets in the same application where they make their investments in Brazil.”

In the C6 Bank app, customers can also “invest in funds through C6 TechInvest Fundos, a financial advisory service that offers three options for personalized portfolios consisting of fixed income, stock and multimarket funds.”

The weight of assets in each portfolio is “designed so that the three available modalities adequately meet the different risk profiles.”

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