Ingenico, Fujitsu Frontech North America Introduce Solution For Secure In-Store Commerce

Ingenico, which claims to be the global leader in payments acceptance solutions, and Fujitsu Frontech North America, through its subsidiary Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc., unveiled (what they claim to be) the world’s “most secure, accurate and seamless biometric payment solution based on palm vein identification.”

This innovation “enables merchants to speed up check-out, minimize the risks of fraud, and streamline the customer experience.”

The solution “enables contactless payments, reduces queues, and transforms in-store commerce.” Designed on Ingenico’s AXIUM range, its Android payment terminals, the solution allows consumers “to identify themselves and authenticate their payments simply by moving the palm of a hand over a near infra-red (NIR) sensor.” There is no need “to take out a credit card or enter a PIN, making your hand the only payment method necessary.”

As every person has a unique pattern of veins in the palm of their hand, palm vein identification is “one of the most accurate biometric identification technologies in the world.”

It is less intrusive and more secure than alternatives “such as fingerprints and facial recognition, and it is easier to implement and operate.”

The convenient, contactless, and hygienic technology “has the potential to accelerate the share of cashless and digital transactions in markets worldwide.” It can also “offer additional security levels for organizations requesting strong identification solutions.”

The solution “combines Ingenico’s understanding of the business needs of merchants and its expertise in payment technology with Fujitsu’s best-in-class identification algorithm for analysing and matching biometric data.” It leverages Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ technology and incorporates biometric identification solutions “developed by Fulcrum Biometrics.”

To enroll consumers in the service, merchants first “take a near infra-red (NIR) scan of a customer’s palm using a device designed by Ingenico that incorporates the Fujitsu PalmSecure-F Pro Sensor and software.”

This image is “encrypted, tokenized, and linked to the customer’s payment card in Ingenico’s secure cloud environment.”

In contrast to facial recognition and fingerprints, it is “not possible for hackers to take close-up pictures of internal palm vein structures to make fraudulent transactions.” The unique patterns under the skin “are virtually impossible for fraudsters to replicate.”

Michel Léger, Senior Executive Vice-President Global Solutions Development at Ingenico, commented:

“Palm vein biometrics is the most secure method for identifying customers and authenticating payments. Palm vein identification is a much faster way of making payments than traditional chip and pin and offers several tangible advantages, with none of the security risks of other biometric methods. We are seeing a lot of interest from merchants in the solution that we have developed with Fujitsu Frontech North America and Fulcrum Biometrics. Palm vein identification gives them new opportunities to authenticate and identify their customers in the most possible seamsless way, personalize their offers and create unrival experiences in-store. This partnership is set to transform and revolutionize payment experiences for consumers.”

Ken Nosker, CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics and Fujitsu Frontech North America VP of Biometrics commented:

“The world is embracing biometrics. Palm vein identification is the most private and secure technology in the market and gives consumers the contactless, hygienic, and frictionless payment solution that they are demanding. Our retail customers are lining up to pilot the technology. Combining Fujitsu Frontech North America’s unrivalled experience in biometric hardware and identification with Ingenico’s global scale and payments expertise, our solution will be a game changer for merchants around the world.”

As noted in the update, Ingenico claims it is “the global leader in payments acceptance solutions.”

As the trusted technology partner for merchants, banks, acquirers, ISVs, payment aggregators and fintech customers their terminals, solutions and services “enable the global ecosystem of payments acceptance.”

With 45 years of experience, innovation is integral to Ingenico’s approach and culture, inspiring their large and diverse community of experts “who anticipate and help shape the evolution of commerce worldwide.”

At Ingenico, trust and sustainability are “at the heart of everything they do.”

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